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  1. J

    when stuff goes wrong

    was fishing on a reef out of barnegat when i hear boat taking on water near me could see vessel is strugeling so go to see if we could help.didnt know what if anything i could do just stayed close till coast guard arrived.a charter boat also gave assistance but no one else which worries me...
  2. J

    transducer mounting on a 96 gulfstream with single engine on a bracket.

    curently have a p66 on starboard side want to add a gt23tm on portside is this doable? set back on engine is about 32 inches
  3. J

    need help with broken bolt on swim platform 96 gulfstream

    hi all new to group but have been a lurker it seems i have a broken mounting bolt on starboard bracket of swim deck. was wondering if they are tapped in or through bolted.any help would be greatly appreciated thanks john