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    Tools for cleaning the boat?

    I am not sure if alcohol works as well on tar which was mostly the stuff we would see in the service station. Now that I think of it, the rag with gas was always for road tar. I don't know if it worked well on sap:)
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    New scuppers

    What's on the boat now, bronze? Are they for the deck drains?
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    Tools for cleaning the boat?

    When I was a lot younger, I worked as a mechanic in a service station. We would clean tree sap with a rag soaked in gasoline! Times were different then and today, that practice would be frowned upon and rightly so. For the record, gas worked very well.
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    Garmin 8612xsv upgrade

    I found the video I was referring to;
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    Garmin 8612xsv upgrade

    There is a video online describing a method for gluing Starboard. As you may know, gluing is not recommended. The video shows that by heating the starboard with a torch and then pouring water over the heated area, it's surface composition changes and certain glues will work fairly well. I will...
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    2008 Grady White 208 Adventure for sale - $34,999

    Single wall in the deck area
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    Stiff Binnacle

    That makes sense.
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    Tools for cleaning the boat?

    I stand corrected. It contains turpentine and ethyl acetate . I don't know where my idea of benzene came from:( I have deleted my misleading comment.
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    Stiff Binnacle

    I do not understand though how the throttle cable movement could have been binding in one direction but not the other. Regardless, good news. enjoy
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    Tools for cleaning the boat?

    Don't use magic erasers unless absolutely necessary. You need to get the sap off with a solvent. Otherwise you will just smear it around. Lot's of solvents work but an easy solution is to get some tar and sap remover from an automobile supply store. Once the sap is off, then you would proceed...
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    272 Sailfish Aux Fuel tank

    FYI, WEMA was bought by KUS. Same product, just a different name
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    206g inside drain plug

    I am not sure if there is a drain pipe that runs under the tank or if the area is open. In one of my boats, there is a pipe and both ends of the gas tank have bulkheads that are for the most part sealed. If gas leaks into the tank coffin, it does not flow into the bilge. On my 208, I am not sure...
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    t won't seem that expensive compared to the cost for 2 new tanks.
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    206g inside drain plug

    It probably should be open but since someone plugged it, I suspect that there may be an issue with water running forward from the aft bilge. We know that those hulls tend to collect water towards the mid bilge area so may be the previous owner wanted to stop that. Another possibility is that the...
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    Water Smells In Freshwater Tank:

    I like to put the hose nozzle in the fill and fill until it overflows out of the fill. Let that run for a while and you will probably see gunk float up and out. The bleach as Dennis mentioned will do a good job but if you don't use the water very much or live in hot climates, add a smaller dose...
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    Canvas help needed

    Do you still have the old panels? If so, you don't have to go with the original maker for Grady. The canvas shops like a lot of other fabricators are backed up or slowed down due to supply chain issues. Also state where you are located. Someone may have a local recommendation
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    Adventure 208 - Adding fishing rod grommets in cabin

    I think the deck is longer but the cabin is the same size as the 20 foot models
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    Registration numbers

    I took a look at my states requirements ( NYS) and here is what they state: Put your registration stickers on the boat 18 inches from the bow on both sides of the boat. This is approximately the same position that the stickers are located when a boat is also required to have registration numbers...
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    Hello All

    If you are new to boating, I strongly suggest taking a Boater Safety course. In some states that is required but regardless, it should be taken. The recommended electronics depends to an extent on how you plan to use the boat and to a great extent, your budget. You might want to go to a Marine...
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    Transom Spider Cracks

    Yes, I was wondering about indentations or local cracks. It may just be that there was some delamination around the motor bolt holes that when retightened caused cracks. It may not be a big deal. That depends on how deep they are and how well the motor bracket is now sealed. Small spider cracks...