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  1. 1966Mustang

    Finally! Took delivery today

    That is a lovely craft - congratulations to you and yours!
  2. 1966Mustang

    F/S 1986 Wellcraft V20

    1986 Wellcraft V20 170HP Mercruiser professionally rebuilt in 2021 by Accurate Machine, Middletown, CT New bellows Bimini Top with front and side curtains. Trailer In the water till the end of the season in Portland, CT. 12,000 OBO P.S. If anyone knows the admin at - I can...
  3. 1966Mustang

    Windshield support bars

    Just to leave a note on updating this link - I ordered the 29125 version -12-1/2" – 14-1/2" Will post a pic of them installed. Still looking for the proper weatherstrip profile for water bonnet windscreen / window channel...
  4. 1966Mustang

    Tournament 19 Helm Panel Upgrade

    Here is what it looks like currently. If I had to do it over, I would have put the ignition below the emblem on the bulkhead and a round gauge stereo below the round evinrude gauge. Also might have shifted the GPS over to the left. Working on the wiring in the cubby cuddy gave me neck and...
  5. 1966Mustang

    1987 G-W Tournament 19 For Sale

    Hello, Looking to sell our 1987 GW Tournament 19. The boat was put together summer/fall of 2018 and has been lightly used since. We get a lot of compliments on it when we're cruising along or at the launch - It's a great little boat but we are looking for something in the 27-35' range. 2018...
  6. 1966Mustang

    Tournament 19 Helm Panel Upgrade

    @Blaugrana - No issues with the starboard flexing so far - but I know what you're saying. That said - it seems very rigid for this particular application/area. Added the bennett auto trim controls under the VHF.
  7. 1966Mustang

    1987 19 Tournament front compartment

    Regarding the Tournament 19 Starboard bow compartment.... I sealed mine up.
  8. 1966Mustang

    Tournament 19 Helm Panel Upgrade

    1/4" starboard. Used the bocatech nav/anchor switch, Garmin 54dv upgraded to latest, West Marine 585. Left some space for whatever future trim tab control under the VHF.
  9. 1966Mustang

    Is this club active

    Just wondering if this club or it's member's are still active on here. If so, what are the club details? Thanks! Perry
  10. 1966Mustang

    New-To-Me Tournament 19, E-Tec 150 G2

    My Wellcraft V-20 has been put in drydock with some engine issues. In the meanwhile I am using a 1987 Tournament 19 with an E-Tec G2 150 w/~25hrs. I rather enjoy having a worry-free boat... :D