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    Water Smells In Freshwater Tank:

    As the title describes. The 30 gallon freshwater tank on our Marlin started to smell lousy in September when I put her up for it's Long Winter's Nap. I can only imagine what it will smell like in June 2022 when we get her out of climate controlled storage. So, what do y'all recommend to solve...
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    Anchorline Story:

    Over the past 8 or 9 years, it has been my pleasure to be an occasional contributing writer for Anchorline and Docklines, the publications Grady-White sends out to their customers several times a year. Some of the stories I've penned cover events we've done with the Tarpon Coast Grady Club in SW...
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    Favorite Trailering Destination:

    So.... This is aimed at KY Grady, Smoky, Leecoil, and any other members here who primarily trailer their Gradys. What is your fav place? Lake? Ocean? The place you always go back to or want to return to? In my trailering days, it was Lake Cumberland, before I went exclusively to SW Fla Gulf...
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    Cruising RPM's?

    I'm always curious what RPM range y'all run your outboards, Yam, Suzuki's whatever. I run my Yam 350's between 3600-4200 depending on how fast I want to reach my destination. I recall Skunk winds his Zukes up around 5K due to his power-to-weight ratio. On the other end, Wahoo never pushed...
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    As mentioned, here are the stats for my latest run which I did yesterday. Realize depending on wx, I do it in a weird, quirky way. On this run, I stayed close in and cut back to land after rounding Cape Romano. That will make my numbers likely different from yours. Please refer to my responses...
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    You know what I'm going to ask.... After seeing you back on here on the Gulfstream/258 Topic, I am curious when the next leg, (or maybe the last leg) of your Loop trip is set for. If memory serves, you ended up near the Anclote Keys with your Sailfish. I get it if your kicking it down the...
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    Parthery; Question.

    Hey: Can you reply with the site and/or info of the company that allows towing with their rental trucks? You mentioned it in a discussion awhile back. I want to send it to a friend who needs that service. I think it's Enterprise?? Thanks! Hope all is well in your World....
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    Your Closest Call?

    I think this has the potential to be interesting, informative and entertaining in equal parts. I (and others, I'll wager,) would be interested in hearing about your most harrowing encounter on the water aboard your Grady. Give Us The Tale Of The Day You'll Never Forget. One requirement..NO...
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    Bottom Paint Performance Question:

    Don't know much about this so... Circumstances may require me to paint the bottom of my 2018 Marlin. Situation unfolding.... If I do, what kind of performance and fuel burn hit will I take if I get the best kick-butt diamonds and gold bottom paint out there? The boat currently is ceramic...
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    The Latest On Yam 350's:

    For Those Interested In The Evolution Of The Yamaha 350's.... A few months ago, I read that the Yamaha 350's were being discontinued. I called Yamaha and they said, no, they were still being featured in the lineup. The other day, I was idly looking at the Grady Website; I noticed there were no...
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    Trim Tabs 101:

    For Divajean and any others interested in Trim Tab application and results. They are like Microwave Ovens; Once you use them you'll wonder how you ever managed beforehand. To the new Grady Owner unfamiliar with them, they seem counter-intuitive at first; press the starboard toggle switch, the...
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    Another Bottom Growth Question:

    Reading and responding to Cregan's and Lt. Mikes marine growth queries, I have one of my own: It seemed impolite to clog up their threads, so here goes: Before Covid-19, we were planning on running our Marlin up the East Coast from Fla. Maybe NYC, on up the Hudson; there's no destination per...
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    KY Grady!

    Welcome: Glad you made it safely & the boat looks great. (You must've washed the bugs off before you took the pics in that driveway..) Wx-wise you have a tad unusual but benign pattern. The unusual part is the position of the Atlantic Hi, funneling in W to SW winds; This is different, most of...
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    350 Perf/Marlin:

    These numbers are why I'm thrilled to have 350's on my Marlin. Admittedly, this was taken while on the Gulf with a light East (offshore) breeze, so it was almost pancake flat. Therefore, I could trim it out to a fairly efficient attitude. 3/4 fuel load, full water & diesel,(generator) & 1...
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    Marlin On Trailer:

    Special thanks to Dennis & Island Pilot for their advice and help. Specs below: Height 13' 5" with Garmin Dome removed. Weight (A guess; this was just a fitting and we have yet to scale it.) 15,300 LBS or in that ballpark. Length/Boat & Trailer: 44 feet with OB's tilted to trailering angle...
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    Regulator Ron:

    Hey Ron; Just wanted to let you know, I posted the performance numbers on my previous 232 Gulfstream w/ twin F200's in the "For Sale" Section under "2003 Gulfstream For Sale." It was in that thread you asked about the performance numbers for the 200's. Good luck finding your rig!
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    Marlin Height On A Trailer:

    Some may think I've went off the deep end here: I would like feedback from folks on here that have trailered Marlins. My 2018 300 Marlin has a bridge clearance of 9' 9" w/hardtop. Obviously, these numbers do not represent height on a trailer. Can the Marlin come in under 13' 6" on a trailer? I...
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    mattdjh-Private Message:

    Hey mattdjh; I replied to your Private Message you sent. So sorry it took me so long to reply: I don't look at the Private Messages much and I just noticed it was there.
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    Since you have posted your Marlin search with several different topics, I figured I'd start a new one so as not to de-rail your others. First, congrats on finally finding a suitable Marlin. Second: Have you ever docked/handled a boat this big? If you have, read no further and good luck with...
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    300 Or 350's On a Marlin?

    Starting to plan for a 2018 or 2019 Marlin. (I want to snag one before they kick them to the curb for another bowrider.) One of the many decisions to be made is power. I would be interested in the opinions of Marlin owners and folks with knowledge of both engines. This is old news to...