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  1. Parthery

    License Numbers

    Soapy water. You can move them around, line them up, and then when you get them where you want them, lightly squeegee them. Let them dry for 30 minutes and then peel the transfer tape off. I’m anal like that. Have done all my letters, registration stickers, etc… like that for years.
  2. Parthery

    2004 Grady White 228 Seafarer for sale - Not mine - $31k

    A fellow GG’er is now the proud owner of the boat. I’m sure he will be along to share the good news.
  3. Parthery

    2004 Grady White 228 Seafarer for sale - Not mine - $31k

    The cushions exist. The curtains for the hardtop are missing. No bolsters on this boat.
  4. Parthery

    2004 Grady White 228 Seafarer for sale - Not mine - $31k

    Seller sent me a bunch of pics. After reviewing them he and I are still in discussions. I’ll keep everyone posted. In the meantime if anyone wants a clean 99 225 Tournament now is a great time to contact me…..
  5. Parthery

    License Numbers

    If you have the traditional navy/yellow GW lettering, you can order a pretty close facsimile using "navy" and "gold outline" from Boat US graphics shop. If you have the silver, follow KY Grady's suggestion above.
  6. Parthery

    2004 Grady White 228 Seafarer for sale - Not mine - $31k

    Someone I know is in deep conversations with the seller...:rolleyes:
  7. Parthery

    192 Tournament Windshield Alignment

    Welcome aboard. That top bracket where the support arm meets the windshield is adjustable. Loosen it and GENTLY adjust the windshield. When it's flush, make sure the support bracket is in a "notch", then tighten everything up.
  8. Parthery


    An update-I spoke to them yesterday. Sounds like much of it was driven by a desire to get out of St Pete and get back to a simple life. Jeff is working his land in Live Oak; Doug is in Crystal River; Kim is traveling. Everyone who worked there still works there. The product remains the...
  9. Parthery

    Hard Water Spots on side windows

    I use this like a champ. If you use it on any painted surface, be prepared to rewax it after...
  10. Parthery

    2000 Gulfstream 232 trailer question

    You can buy a trailer elsewhere and trade that one in or sell it. Check with Diamond Marine in CT….website shows he may have something in the right size in a Venture Commander Tandem.
  11. Parthery


    I just looked at their new launched website and don't recognize any of the names that are now in charge. Then I looked at the "request quote" page and saw that galvanized axles are now an optional upgrade, and I'm not sure what an "axel" is but maybe I can find out. I've got Jeff's cell...I'll...
  12. Parthery

    2000 Gulfstream 232 trailer question

    A 232 should be on an 8600 capacity (10400 GVW) trailer. Your trailer is 6000 capacity (7000 GVW). The bigger trailer will have bigger axles and (likely) 15” tires. It also will likely be built on 6.5” or bigger I beam. Finally, get brakes on both axles. Your current trailer only has them on...
  13. Parthery

    Dodge Ram ecodiesel for towing a 228?

    That Ecodiesel will be perfect for towing your 228. James, you are right about the Touareg…it’s a fantastic mid size SUV that is rated to tow 7700. It’s a shame they don’t sell them here anymore. I’m on the hunt for a 2015-16 TDI with low mileage and plenty of diesel warranty left. If I can...
  14. Parthery

    2021 180 fisherman

    These sound like dealer issues, and if you can't get your dealer to engage, then I'd escalate to GW Customer Service. They are hypersensitive to the JD Power will get their attention.
  15. Parthery

    West Marine 5X points - 4/14 through 4/16 - Gold members get 20% back in rewards certificates

    I just need to replace the head unit....and the MS-RA 205 is discontinued. MS-RA210 will fit in the same hole but I can't find one of those either. The MS-RA55 is close but not exact, and because it's mounted in an aluminum carbon-fiber panel that the previous owner had cut, I'm trying to...
  16. Parthery

    Trailering question

    Remove cushions, lower the bimini if applicable, tie downs on the transom, you should be fine. Have a safe trip.
  17. Parthery

    West Marine 5X points - 4/14 through 4/16 - Gold members get 20% back in rewards certificates

    I need to replace my Fusion crapped out. This will be the weekend to do it, apparently.
  18. Parthery


    I had a GO7 connected via N2K to a Simrad VHF with built in AIS. Targets appeared on the MFD. Do N2K if you can….it’s plug and play.
  19. Parthery

    Decal Question

    Here's what mine looked like...I buffed out the ghosting and eventually it faded. I too am happy with the outcome.
  20. Parthery

    Updating stereo on boat 228

    Looks good. Now get the cable and connect the MFD to the motor so you can get engine data on the screen.