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    Photo albums

    How do I add a photo to my album on an iPhone, or how do I attach a photo from my iPhone to a p.m., without going through the album?
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    What model is this……..

    ….with the tall windows and windshield?
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    Newport Beach Helm Chair For Sale

    I just saw this ladderback helm chair on the Parker forum. Looks identical to the helm chairs on my 2000 Seafarer, except for the Parker logo. And a good price!
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    2004 Seafarer $20K

    I have no connection to the boat or seller, just thought it was a good buy if it checks out.
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    Rule 3700 GPH Bilge Pump with Ultra Senior Float Switch (24-32 volts) - $250

    Rule 3700 GPH Bilge Pump with Ultra Senior Float Switch (24-32 volts). This is a new unit, never installed, and run only for demonstration purposes. The Ultra Senior switch has a built in high water alarm sensor. The red and black, smaller gauge wire pair, are the connections for your high water...
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    NC CL Grady

    No connection to ad.
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    Got a private message during the night from new member Agamadora238, inviting me to a sexy dating website. Who else? (edit to add: Reported, did not see that option at first)
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    Another Sea star question

    Another Seastar question, but I don’t want to sidetrack the other post, because my question is not about steering but rather the unit itself. This 2000 OX66 is the first motor I have ever had with power steering steering. How loose, or how tight, should the cylinder itself be mounted to the...
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    Purple eyeball

    Never noticed it before, but when looking at posts under “new posts”, there is a purple eyeball symbol to the right of the thread title in most of the threads. What does it indicate?
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    Craig's List Seafarer

    New listing in my local NC CL. Looks like a good deal for a fisherman, with a ton of quality tackle included. No affiliation, just passing it forward.
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    Dead end wires

    Last time I had the live well out, I ran across this bundle of wires tied off on the port side, right above that port stringer. Any idea what their original intent was? 2000 SF228.
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    Computer Literacy Question

    Is there a way to save threads on this site, in some sort of catalogued fashion? I have a Seafarer, with an OX66, so let's say that I want to save interesting threads on those two subjects, into some sort of folder, for future reference. I don't see a "subscribe" button here, but I do see a...
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    E-Box Wind Deflector

    Do you have the clear, plexi deflector on the bottom of your e-box, 228 SF. Does it do anything? Anyone removed it? Any difference?
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    Cabin bulkhead material?

    Can someone tell me what the lower portion of the cabin bulkhead is made of, below the fiberglass dash area? 2000 Seafarer. I am seeing some brown stains at the top and bottom of the 1/4 inch molding strip at the bottom, on the port side, which looks like masonite, or something similar. I know...
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    Seafarer Hardtop Thickness?

    Anyone drilled holes, or run cables through the hardtop, specifically the bump above the electronics box, 2000. I want to suspend my vhf, and a couple of small things, so that I don't have to reach, or try to see over them. Is it cored?
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    OEM Upholsterer

    Anyone know who GW uses for cabin upholstery?
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    OX66 fuel leak?

    2000 OX66 225hp. While working on the oil system I discovered gasoline spitting out of a hose barb with nothing attached. I cannot find an unattached hose. Can anyone tell me what this particular hose barb is attached to? Or what is attached to it? Sorry, most of the pictures I took this...
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    Quotes are getting out of hand!

    Seems like more and more people feel the need to quote a previous post in order to reply, which I perfectly understand if the conversation has gotten off track, dis-jointed, or there has been a significant time lapse to the particular point to which you are responding. BUT, I will never...
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    Seafarer Waste Pump

    Anyone know what pump was used on a 2000 Seafarer? Mine starts off sounding strong, but within 5 seconds the rpms are way down, and a low voltage warning starts flashing on my GPS. I will try it with a jump box next to the pump, to rule out wiring, but I want to be prepared when I go down Thursday.
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    Another windlass question

    Is there a flat round plate that will replace the bow lifting eye? I installed a windlass on top of the hatch last week, and although the chain is above it under tension, it rubs with any slack. As to the anchor itself, on my NTM Seafarer, an 11 pound Danforth style sticks out so far that I had...