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  1. Parthery

    SmokyMtnGrady is Famous!!!

    The Boat/US magazine showed up in the mail yesterday....another article about US Lakes in there. Wouldn't you know Fontana was one of the lakes they covered. I suspect our own SmokyMtnGrady might have had something to do with it.;)
  2. Parthery

    225 Tournament from Ft Walton Beach to Brownsville - follow along on FB

    Came across this while looking for something else. Sounds like a fascinating trip along the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway. Also wondering if the weather will cooperate in March. Seems to me like maybe late April would be better but what do I know?
  3. Parthery

    Catches for hinges - 225 Tournament Walk Through Windshield

    Anyone have any idea where I can find these catches, or something like it? My walk through windshield (the center part) keeps coming unlatched and then the window pops off the hinge. I think these catches need to be replaced. Marine Glass Specialties doesn't return calls or messages. Taylor...
  4. Parthery

    New GW decals

    If you have tried to find the legacy GW name decals, you have likely run into the same scenario that I did...namely that GW stopped selling them years ago. They, of course, have switched to the new slanted block style decal, and many folks have switched to that style. When I picked up the 225...
  5. Parthery

    Another COVID-19 Boat/Trailer Pick up thread

    In honor of Lee's trip to LA to get his new trailer, I figured I'd share my trip to pick up the new to me 225 Tournament. I sold the last one back in March and, while looking for a 209, came across another 225 that was too good of a deal to pass up. Sea trial and check out came back...
  6. Parthery

    Freedom 235

    Anyone else get the email today about the new Freedom 235? Guess we couldn't escape the Euro Transom trend forever. Cockpit looks smaller to me, too. I wonder if the 225 stays on or is killed?
  7. Parthery

    223 Owners - What hole is your motor mounted in?

    Just picked up a 223 with a 225 OX 66. Motor is mounted in the lowest hole. Curious if anyone has the same setup and if your motor is mounted higher. I'm all for performance gains, but don't want to waste the time and energy if the lowest hole is where it needs to be.
  8. Parthery

    Jeff_R is famous...

    Got the most recent "Anchorline" in the mail yesterday....was looking through it last night and recognized our own Jeff_R with a write up and some pics of the 190. Congratulations.... :goodjob
  9. Parthery

    225 Tournament Electronics Upgrade

    8 hours later....we have a full complement of electronics on the new boat. When it arrived in my driveway, it had a non-working AM/FM cassette and a Lowrance in-dash digital depthmeter. The upgrade: Lowrance HDS-7; Standard Horizon 1600; Digital 529 Antenna; Poly Planar MD-70 remote stereo...
  10. Parthery

    Anyone near their late 90s 225 Tournament?

    I need a measurement of the e-box plexiglass door... Trying to get a custom starboard panel made to flush mount my electronics and - with the boat being in Ft Lauderdale and me being in Atlanta, I am hoping someone can measure the door. It's bigger on top then on the bottom (think trapezoid)...
  11. Parthery

    Cushions for late 90s 223/225 Tournament

    Anyone had any experience replacing cushions on a late 90s 223/225 Tournament? I'm looking at one now that is going to need some cushions. Not opposed to ordering them from out of town if someone has had good luck with an upholsteror or supplier that did good work.
  12. Parthery

    180 Electronics Upgrade

    I finished the electronics upgrade last night....of course with a sale pending, the new owner will end up with a nice setup. Went from this (a Garmin 492 and 160FF): 2009-01-02 002 by parthery, on Flickr To this (an HDS-7): IMG-20120223-00006 by parthery, on Flickr Installation was not too...
  13. Parthery

    180 Sportsman Horn Assembly

    The horn on my 180 quit working. When I took it apart it was, predictably, a bucket of rust. The assembly is interesting though...the horn itself is encased in an ABS plastic holder, that, from the outside, almost looks like a cupholder. The bolt holding the horn to the casing is also covered...
  14. Parthery


    Got my monthly Docklines email today....looks like the 209 is getting the "Fishermen" bow console layout... Looks like a nice refresh of the classic 209 Escape....I'll be curious to see one in person.....
  15. Parthery

    A milestone....

    Its hard to believe I've reached the milestone of 1000 posts on Great Grady. honor of the occasion, I looked at the top 10 most frequent posters...and I made the list!!! I haven't even had to resort to one word posts to inflate my count and avoid looking like a newbie. :shock...
  16. Parthery

    Trim Sender Replacement

    Anyone attempted to do this themselves on a Yamaha 2 stroke or HPDI V6? Mine has been kaput....picked up a sender on EBay and the replacement SS collar from my local dealer but I'd like to save the labor charges and do it myself. I can see the screw that holds the sender to the bracket, and...
  17. Parthery

    Bethel Marine

    Wanted to pass along my experience.... I was in the market for a new Class D VHF and stumbled upon Bethel Marine. They had the Ray49 for substantially less than anyone else around. I decided to give them a try, and called and placed the order. They were pleasant, knowledgable, and the...
  18. Parthery

    150 SWS - Missing / Surging

    So....out today....and at varying rpms between 2800 and 4500 I have an intermittent miss or surge...engine clearly losing RPMS....and then it goes away. I checked the usual suspects...plugs/wires all tight...replaced fuel filter with new 10 micron Yamaha. Any thoughts on where to look next...
  19. Parthery

    Double Trouble - 180 Pics

    Its only taken me 6 weeks, but finally got some pics up... At the dock... Electronics...(Garmin 492, 160 FF, Icom 304, Sony Stereo And Another...
  20. Parthery

    Picked up a little something in Miami...

    ...that I'm bringing back to Atlanta on Sunday. It was too good a deal to pass up...