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    2000's gulfstream 232 repower with twin 150's?

    200's are better than 150's for the 232. I had one for 10 years with F200 V6's and consistently got 2.0 to 2.1 MPG with bottom paint. I cruised at 30-34 MPH and had plenty of power when she was loaded with friends. The new 200 I-4's will likely not have the low range torque for planing and...
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    Fresh Water Flush

    Fish is correct. Tilt all the way up, get the water started, and you'll see a small stream coming out of the prop hub and the side vents on the lower unit. Keeping the engine in the "down" position in salt water won't let the freshwater flow thru the lower unit. Make sure it's peeing out the...
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    gw204's 227 part out and garage/basement clean out sale

    gw204: Are you getting out of boating, or just cleaning house?
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    Starboard engine piss port

    This... It's water pressure that makes engines pee on the hose/flush attachment. I have hooked up many a hose that doesn't have enough pressure to make it pee, but in the water, it does. Agree with others, check t-stats, impellers, etc.
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    clear bottom paint or sealant?

    A hoist or lift or trailer is your best options. I am in Northern Lake Michigan, and my 30 ft Grady gets a scum coating in 4 days. Clean freshwater or not, Your boat will have growth within a week, and cleaning it is a pain. Hoist it out if you can.
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    300 Marlin - Gen or not to Gen?

    Repeat post here, but I agree with HMB and Legend; If my Fischer-Panda Deep-Sixed tomorrow, I'd buy another the next day. We run the water heater, A/C, Admiral cooks on the stove, the microwave is going...I wouldn't be without my Fischer-Panda.
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    2000 Gulfstream 232 trailer question

    Pfu: This makes me upset to a certain degree. Many dealers sell an inadequate trailer with their boat to entice a sale with an attractive price point. There is zero thought given to the problems the new owner will have in the future in the form of premature bearing failure, uneven tire wear as...
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    2000 Gulfstream 232 trailer question

    My 2007 232 GUlfstream with twin 200's weighed 10,100lbs including trailer. I had a tandem rig with 7K axles and electric brakes. The boat belongs to my son nowadays and I trailer it to Michigan in the summer from Indiana and one trip a year to the Keys. Please overbuild your trailer. the...
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    Can a Marlin with twin 350s get on step with just one engine?

    Two quick points: 1.) I have a Marlin with 2018 350's, series #C. I would buy another pair tomorrow. Best engines I have ever run. 2.) Even if one 350 would get a Marlin over the top, I wouldn't do it. It would put too much strain on the engine. If it happened to me, and I was offshore, I...
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    Talk to me about the wings on a Canyon, specifically the 271

    What happened to the Cat Hull? Thought that was the way you were going?
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    New Grady Owner!

    RE: Exhaust Corrosion: I had it in my 2006 F200's on my Gulfstream. An '06 250 can definitely have it. As others have said, have it checked out thoroughly before buying.
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    [Question Answered - not going to risk it] Seafarer 228 w/ 7,000 lb towing capacity?

    Looks like when you did your "Napkin Math," you hadn't pounded very many Bud Lites. Your weight calculations are real close...My Seafarer was 5800-5900 lbs loaded with fuel & gear. RE: Your Tow Vehicle; I agree with Seasick; you should be good if you take it easy and drive at reasonable...
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    425 on gradywhite marlin

    frisco is correct. My Marlin handles and runs like a Dream with 350's, and in reasonable calm conditions, I get 1.4 MPG at 32-34MPH. While I agree with others 425's would be too much, frisco thinks exactly like I do.. How much HP can you bolt on safely? That's me all over.
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    Helm Photo

    I look at that pic and realize I could spend the rest of my life trying to re-assemble it and I wouldn't even get close. How do you guys do that stuff? But, I was never interested in taking apart anything when I was young. I'm still not. No Bail, how's your Dodge Cummins doing?
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    Good things that boaters have done for each other?

    2016 or so in Florida. Had my 16 ft Donzi on one of the inland lakes near Lakeland and she overheated due to the lousy water quality. Continued operation in said water had finally ruined my impeller. A couple guys in a Pontoon idled over and towed me back to the ramp. There was no Sea Tow or...
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    Motor hole position on a bracket 228

    I was wondering the same thing....
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    Question for GW 306 Canyon Owners

    JJF: The usual questions; Maybe a prop difference? I have the standard wheels that came with the 350's, although I can't tell you the size or pitch. They are 3 blade. (Bought boat/engines new.) Do you have bottom paint? How much ancillary gear aboard, etc. From reading your post, it sound s...
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    Question for GW 306 Canyon Owners

    I have a Marlin w/350's. Not quite Apples-To-Apples, but it's the same hull. My figures with the extra weight of a cabin enclosure are better than your stats posted above. 3600RPM 33MPH 1.4 MPG 3700RPM 34MPH 1.4MPG 3800RPM 35MPH 1.4MPG 3900RPM 36MPH 1.3MPG 4000RPM 36-37MPH 1.3MPG 4100RPM...
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    425 on gradywhite marlin

    I would seriously try to find a pair of 350's, Series #C as Fishermanabb said. That's the best power combo for the Marlin, as far as I'm concerned. My guess is 425's while a cool idea, would make it stern-heavy and cause it to porpoise on plane. I've had my Marlin to 50MPH in calm water and...
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    300 Marlin - Gen or not to Gen?

    I have read & re-read thru all these responses, and I understand roughly 10% of them, as I am a rock drummer with a Grady, and not an electrical tech-guy. All I know is I have a 300 Marlin with a Fischer-Panda Generator and I love it. I wouldn't be without it. If it tanks,. I'll replace it with...