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    West Triple Points Weekend

    Gold Members can up to 12% back on $200+ orders through June 20th. I might wait this one out for a 5X points weekend. But the 2-for-1 inflatable lifejackets are a deal!
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    Prep After Soda Blasting

    Do you need to apply a primer or epoxy barrier coat after soda blasting the bottom paint off?
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    Replace windows - New style

    I'm looking to replace the sliding side windows on my 268 with the fixed style of the 270 and later walkarounds. Anyone done this? Any ideas for a possible source for the new windows? I'm going to fiberglass over the front windows and re-paint. I'll leave the frame and curtains up so I don't...
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    Hull color

    I'm trying to identify the hull color on this 271 Grady White. It doesn't match any of the colors in the brochure. I saw it on the lot at Caribe Boat Sales in Islamorada. I'm assuming its a custom color possibly paint instead of gel coat. Would like to find AwlGrip paint colors for possible...
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    Rusty Horn

    Anyone found a alternative or way to keep these horns from rusting?
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    GemLux Deluxe Outrigger Bases

    Anyone using these GemLux Deluxe outrigger bases?
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    Welded outrigger backing plate installs

    The Taco rigger bases and 15' outriggers have been hard on my hardtop. Some cracking from the load. My hardtop finish is also aging, breaking down and is chalky. The edges have "potato chipped" off too. Most of my hatches suffer from edge chipping. I'm considering removing the hardtop to have it...
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    Garmin Setup Magnetic or True

    I have a Garmin 24xd with a magnetic heading sensor. I need it to correct my direction on the radar overlay. The chart plotter can be setup either way. How are you setting your up? True or magnetic?
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    West Marine 5X points - 4/14 through 4/16 - Gold members get 20% back in rewards certificates

    I don’t work for West Marine and this deal is just too good not to share. West has a Silver and Gold memberships that give certificates back - up to 4%. Several weekend a year they offer 3X points -up to 12% back. This is the first time I saw a 5X weekend! 20% back. "Five Times West Advantage...
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    GW Bonding

    Helping a friend out with a bonding problem on his boat got me thinking about mine. From what I remember I haven't seen any bonding wires on any of my bronze thru hulls. Only zincs I have are candy bars on tabs and u-shaped ones on engines.
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    West Marine Price Matched Amazon

    I walked into West and found the impeller I needed to repair my macerator. It was $44. Amazon had it for $22. The associate said they would price match Amazon and they did! Previously brick and mortar stores wouldn't match online stores. Try it next time you need something ASAP. That's if they...
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    Florida "Save the Reef" pump out

    I tried everywhere in the area to find a place to pump out. No one has public access. They take care of their own boats. Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World has public access but has a cheap pump and it's broken. All the talk about "Save the Reef" and people are forced to dump holding tanks in the...
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    Breakaway Anchor

    Does anyone have experience with the breakaway anchor setup? I bend at least one Danforth each year in Florida. This year I lost the anchor and chain - could not get it out and cut it off. Switched to the Bruce claw. Two feet of chain, two 175 lb tywraps. We will see! Last summer I installed...
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    Islander Trailer Setup

    Do you have any profile shots if your Islander on the trailer? I've been having some stability issues (sway) despite having everything set up correctly - level trailer, tongue weight, wheel alignment, etc. My truck is an 18 f150 max tow - good for 13k lbs. My 248 was set up the same way and...
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    West Marine Triple Points 12% back weekend

    I don’t work for West and this deal is just too good not to share. West has a Silver and Gold memberships that give certificates back - up to 4%. Several weekend a year they offer 3X points -up to 12% back. I have been waiting until this weekend to make a big purchase. Garmin and some other...
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    Garmin 8612xsv upgrade

    Well it's time to upgrade the 4210 at the helm. I did the overhead unit earlier this year. Starting to rework the starboard panel and shopping for my best deal on a 8612xsv. Nobody is discounting and so far West Marine's points (4%) or triple points (12%) sale weekends Dec 17th appears to be my...
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    Islander 268 - Anyone ever pulled forward gas tank

    I planning to replace my gas tanks on my 1997 Islander 268. The aft tank looks easy but the forward tank looks like a problem. I followed a number of posts involving Islander fuel tanks but none of them dealt with the forward (main) tank. I'm trying to figure out how to remove it. Has anyone...
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    Cracking Yamaha cover

    Yamaha F140. Anyone have cover cracking or paint failure like this on their plastic cover? It's also on the other side to a lesser extent as well as the other motor. Engine cover and lower unit are fine. It's like scratches from dock lines but they are too deep and irregular and I never tie...
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    Grady Rod Holder Straps

    Anyone know who made the rod holders for GW and where I might get replacements?
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    Wires thru hardtop structure 268 Islander

    So what can anyone tell me about the wire routes? I’m thinking a GoPro setup to record the whole day. No battery-full time DC power. Hardtop tower structure. Fishing short handed no time for photo ops.