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    I'd like to replace original Helm Steering to a Tilt Unit

    If you look closely, at the instructions, you will see insert A1 which shows the bolt you have to remove to separate the tilt mechanism from the steering box. The steering box has a tab with a hole for the bolt and not a standard 3/4 inch tapered shaft. In this example, the base is different...
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    I'd like to replace original Helm Steering to a Tilt Unit

    Based on the boat model. I think all the boat has is mechanical rotary steering unit, maybe NFB, maybe not. Therefore there is no hydraulics and no pumps.
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    Buying first Grady White

    Well that narrows it down:) Seriously, list your needs, priorities, must haves etc. Then folks on this site can tell you the pros and cons of each model.
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    228 WTB or make my own under seat storage bins

    Some folks have had luck finding Rubbermaid storage bins that fit the opening. Something like this but in a different size...
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    I'd like to replace original Helm Steering to a Tilt Unit

    If I remember correctly ( and that is not a sure thing), the steering unit for non tilt has a threaded tapered shaft that the wheel slides onto . The steering box for tilt has a short flat shaft with a side mounting screw that the tilt shaft bolts to. That is the case for the mechanical NFB...
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    Hard top

    Finding a used one is usually pretty difficult. Shipping a hard top can be also quite expensive. Options for a new, include kits like offered by Atlantic Towers ( and fully custom made to order units. In your area you should be able to locate a fabricator. Just...
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    I'd like to replace original Helm Steering to a Tilt Unit

    My steering boxes are designed for a tilt mechanism and a tilt kit can not be added to a standard steering with no tilt. Steering is older teleflex and a newer seastar. Boath are NFBs
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    Water in bilge.

    Some livewells fill when under power. I don't know if yours does but I would close that seacock first. My second thought was to ask if you get whater when at the dock but with people on board. The weight will ower things and a thruhull or scupper may have a leak
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    Did my Grady have stern bolster cushion or back rests ?

    One problem with making back rests taller is that it makes access to the swim ladder harder both getting off and getting on.
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    Adventure 208 helm cushion replacements

    If the hull is old, you will be hard pressed to find cushions that fit, especially fit the snaps. So you have two options: Have replacements made and that can be pricey or buy replacement seats with cushions. The second option may turn out to be less expensive than having cushions made. Note...
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    Transom crack

    A gelcoat spider crack is a different situation. If you look closely at the crack you can see weep stains below its lower edge. Those are caused by moisture seeping out. The color is caused by the tannins in the coring or by rot. It does indicate that there is moisture and flex in that area
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    Hull damage

    I also couldn't tell if it was a crack. It would be a strange place for a crack especially since the presence of a though hull means there is no bulkhead at that point. I don't buy the freezing water idea as a possible cause either.
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    Did my Grady have stern bolster cushion or back rests ?

    Are the holes about an inch in diameter or just a screw hole. If you have the holes about 1 inch, you probably had bolsters. The holes are where the brackets on the back of the bolster slip into. It is also possible that if you had bolsters originally , the back and side may have been a one...
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    Transom crack

    It's usually not a good sign . Can you tell us the model and year of the hull and the model/make of the engine.
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    1991 Sailfish Hull

    I wonder how it was attached. I've never seen anything like it but it has some appeal as far as protecting against hard bottoms in shallow waters. I wonder if it created turbulence at its trailing edge. So if it was added, it is odd but not necessarily a reason to kill a deal. One down side...
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    Air conditioner options for 2014 Marlin 300

    Installation of a factory like AC requires ductwork as well as thru hulls and that means HOLES:). It not a job for the inexperienced. I have no experience with the following but it might be worth it to look at cabin roof mounted AC units. In some cases, the unit can be installed in the opening...
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    Air conditioner options for 2014 Marlin 300

    As mentioned, installing a new system is a lot more work that replacing a system. Also may I ask if you need to cool at the dock or at sea. In the later case, you will probably need a genset. Do you have a generator? If the boat didn't have an AC and generator, you are looking at a pretty big...
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    What Size Stern Anchor for Sandbar?

    So why are there so many bow boarding ladder options these days:)
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    I have a 1995 24' Explorer. I can't figure out how to fill up the livewell behind the port cockpit seat.

    Are you sure you have the livewell option? If so, there will be a pump somewhere (aft probably) connected to a seacock. There will be a switch labelled Livewell at the dash if the boat has a factory livewell option. Activating that switch should cause the pump to run and water to enter the...