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    Islander trailer setup 2.0 - sway fixed

    Over winter there was another member who created a thread for me to post photos of his trailer setup. My setup actually looked better than his, but my stability was terrible. I'm happy to report it is fixed. That said I'm blown away as to the cause. Here are things I checked and rechecked: *...
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    What in the world sticks to this?

    The weather strip fell off my battery switch door. I have tried EVERYTHING and I mean everything to get something to stick to this surface and nothing will. I've tried: - 3m automotive tape - Gorilla tape for polyethylene - The stickiest carpet tape known to man - Duct tape - 4200 - Seadek...
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    I registered for an MMSI on the site. The site does not say how, or when I will get the number. After registering, the site shows I have no registration or MMSI number. Is this typical or do I have a glitch?
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    A 5 minute job it was not!

    Little winter project. Out with the old, In with the new...
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    Do you think this area is cored?

    Im running a new transducer. I'd prefer to drill where there is no coring. The bottom of the splash well isn't cored, but I can't tell if these areas are. Anyone know if GW typically cores the side walls of the splash well? Tapping on these spots sounds similar to the deck.
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    Who makes the cover/cap for this?

    Aft fresh water shower. I know it isn't Scandvik 12153. 2005 Islander
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    External transducer mounting on twin engine 270

    I currently have an in hull transducer with a Ray marine c80. I'm likely going with a new Garmin with a transom mounted transducer. I really hate the thought of drilling a large hole anywhere on the boat for the cable, but I don't have any choice if I want side scan capability. At this point my...
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    Source for stripes?

    I need 9' of stripes for a 2005 270. The ebay guy doesn't carry the profile below. Anyone know of another source or dealer who might have a good selection?
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    WTB: 270 electronics door

    I've seen many people with 270s that have removed these to do surface mount for their electronics. Mine is set up this way, but I rather have the door back on to enclose my electronics. If you have one you want to get rid of, let me know.
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    Crappy crapper

    More specifically, the Jabsco electric pump conversion system on our new to us 270. Oddly both the upper and lower macerator housings were chipped on the outside causing or contributing to a leak. I thought replacing the lower housing (by far the worst of the 2) would be sufficient to get it to...
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    Battery removal tool?

    I remember reading a long while back about the horrible battery access in some if the Grady's. With my new to me 270, I am now that guy. I can't find the post, but I know some people came up with methods to remove the batteries more easily. Any suggestions?
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    Steering ram - should it do this?

    Should this arm be move independently from the one on the other side? My other boat doesn't, but the new twin engine boat does... and the ram is leaking despite the previous owner claiming he replaced the seal. I'm wondering if I'm getting too much side load 9n the ram and it can't seal.
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    It finally happened. My new to me 270.

    After looking almost daily for 2 years (yes, I know I'm nuts), I finally scored a 2005 270 Islander. As crazy as it might sound, I think it was worth it! 2 owner boat; garaged its entire life; owned by a meticulous enthusiast; nearly flawless, and it is now ours! We are still in transit from...
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    2 step boarding ladder source?

    Anyone know a source or who made the 2 step boarding ladders used on the older Gradys? I might need one.
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    What would cause this and what would it take to fix it?

    My guess is screws are over torqued. Would the windshield need to come off to fix this? Ballpark cost?
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    What would cause this and what would it take to fix it?

    My guess is screws are over torqued. Would the windshield need to come off to fix this? Ballpark cost?
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    Electrical changes needed to go from a single to twins?

    If a boat was originally set up for a single, what differs electrically on a grady set up with twins? I would likely be going with a fly by wire set-up. Ignition switches are obvious, but what else is involved? As for the mechanical part, I think I have that down.
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    Anyone with a 282 on a bunk trailer?

    I need to know what height is from the ground, to the top of the windshield. Thanks!
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    Steering wheel removal from Seastar helm

    Thought I would post this since a wheel puller won't fit and all the online folks claim that striking the center shaft with a hammer while pulling will dislodge it. It wont. A little heat with a mini torch and an air hammer on the center shaft while pullingEz-Pz.
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    Seat bushings. What size or part number?

    One of my seat bushings finally crumbled today on my 99 Voyager. Anyone know if this replacement from Todd is the correct one?