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  1. Denko

    Auto Pilot Question

    If your boat has hydraulic steering the Simrad VRF medium would be a good choice, I like mine and you already have the MFD for full functionality.
  2. Denko

    Cockpit drain hose replacement

    The link I shared has a suggested elbow fitting to use, there is also one that has a small SS screen insert
  3. Denko

    Cockpit drain hose replacement

    Interesting, in following the link and looking at their other offerings, the 5-spoke SS drain similar to what Grady is using now is available here as well.
  4. Denko


    You could consider having someone drill the ends of the handles and add rods that ended under the seat access, I've seen that on models with a deeper bilge...
  5. Denko

    Gulfstream Trailering

    On the old roller trailer I was about 13'1" including radar dome, the new bunk trailer sits a bit shorter but I haven't actually measured it. I went with 6K torsion axles on a trailer from Owens & Son. If you don't leave MI the annual permit is $90, with $30 each for truck, trailer, and boat.
  6. Denko

    Gulfstream Trailering

    I fish Lakes MI & Erie, and also went from an Islander to a Gulfstream. Had the same concerns as you regarding trailering the larger craft. I had to switch trailers as the one that came with the boat was undersized, but after that the rig pulls great. No extra hassle than trailering any boat...
  7. Denko

    Gulfstream fuel line problem

    Depends on which lines are leaking. The supply lines to the motors shouldn't be too hard once you remove the deck panel. The fill lines will be a bit tougher because of where they are routed. Good Luck!
  8. Denko

    2003 Grady-White 232 Gulfstream

    Very Nice! GLWS :D
  9. Denko

    Black window trim

    Need some myself, thanks for the link!
  10. Denko


    Check out old brochures here, should have all that info.
  11. Denko

    GARMIN 740S

    Yep, check the female side of the connector. The Garmin I have goes out once or twice a trip, I think just a poor design. If you look close at the terminal it's a clamshell and it just spreads out over time I guess. Good luck!
  12. Denko

    Trailer recommendation for Gulfstream

    Made the trip to Lake MI and back the other day, all I can say is this thing tows like a dream now. Money well spent!
  13. Denko

    Time To Check Your Safety Items

    Thanks for the great thread! Never heard of Stay Afloat before.
  14. Denko

    Trailer recommendation for Gulfstream

    Well the boat is finally on a new trailer! I ended up going with Owens and Sons and was able to have it towed up by a local marina that put a smaller brand new Grady on it for the trip. Took a bit to figure out the winch and bow stop position, but it really does fit like a glove. Still need to...
  15. Denko

    Advice on fuel tank covers please

    I'm not really sure what the function of the rubber is, and it is in addition to the caulk in the gap. Maybe to help seal the screw hole, or keep the surfaces from rubbing? I hadn't considered rotating the plate itself and re-drilling. I don't think I'll have to pull the large panels to through...
  16. Denko

    Advice on fuel tank covers please

    OK now I have to ask. When I pulled my 3 floor hatches I found strips of rubber in the corners and along the edges where the screws went through, and the bare areas between them had 'shadows' that looked like the strips were there and now gone. They were the same material that was used between...
  17. Denko

    Transducer interference

    Forgot to mention that my old boat had a lowrance that could display a dual freq., 50/200K split screen. I always found it interesting to watch the differences between the 2, gives a better total picture of whats beneath the boat :goodjob
  18. Denko

    Transducer interference

    I have the discontinued GO7, used for 2 years on my boat. These little units are really impressive, I use mine mainly for sonar, and some Navionics Live stuff. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to run your old unit @ 200k and set the totalscan for med chirp with no interference. With that...
  19. Denko

    Deck drain scuppers for 1994 Chase

    Yep that's true but most are surface mount with screws into the deck, no thanks!
  20. Denko

    Deck drain scuppers for 1994 Chase

    I've been looking for SS deck drains for my 96 Gulfstream. The ones in this pic look a lot like Southco shower drains. As far as I can tell, Southco doesn't produce SS drain fittings anymore although I did find the ones in the pic on Ebay but there were only 2 and of course I want 4 that match...