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    Generator help

    Dennis I'm fairly certain its metal and I dont think it could be a plug. The water/exhaust are coming out the back of the silencer which is sandwiched against a structure in the bilge. I will check for a plug and the material it's made of when I pull it out this weekend. Thank you for the...
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    Generator help

    Fishtales, you're the man... The low profile muffler looks almost identical. The only difference I can see is the outlet exits the top and the one I currently have exits the side. I'll order that one and have it fixed in no time. Many thanks for the help. Dennis I live down in Florida so I...
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    Generator help

    Thank you Fishtales I was thinking silencer/muffler but a quick Google search produced nothing for sale. I guess I'll need to look deeper or call the dealer. Thanks again for the reply.
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    Generator help

    I have a 2005 Marlin with FP 4.2 generator. Started the generator today and I have water and exhaust coming out of a box in the bilge. I'm not exactly sure what the box is called but I know the exhaust and water both exit the boat through this box. I looked to see if it was a cracked hose but...
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    Towing a 282 Sailfish

    Just a little personal experience. I trailer a Marlin with a Chevy 2500 duramax and I sure wish it was a dually. I'm towing over rated per the manufacturer's rating but everything I found stated the hitch receiver as the limit of 12000#. I upgraded to 18k receiver, 20k ball and hitch, airbag...
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    Insurance for a 330 express

    I use Allstate and I think my premium is around 1200-1300 annually. I'm super happy with their service. I recently had to make a claim and they had me a check in less than a week. I had an incident when I had geico and they were a nightmare to deal with.