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    82 Seafarer Cabin Wall Replacement questions

    Searched and read quite a few of the threads on this and have a question for those who have done this. Just pulled my original 32 year old cabin walls out. Grady used some vinyl welting stapled to the ends of the plywood and this was mated against the cabin fur and I/O carpet which was...
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    Repairing Teak Cabin door and Glueing teak?

    Need to repair the teak cabin door. It came apart at the joints, slats fell out. I have all the pieces. What is proper glue to use for teak? Should I repair then refinish or clean sand and glue all the pieces and apply finish last? One of the short pieces at the bottom that connects the long...
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    Cabin Bulkheads Use Wood or Starboard?

    Tried searching but didn't have any luck (cabin bulkhead, bulkhead, starboard). Need to replace the cabin bulkheads (the wood on either side of the cabin door between the floor and cabin ceiling) and was wondering what other people have used. I was considering using 3/4" starboard but wondered...