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    Looking at this Grady White

    The damage looks like it gets worse higher up behind the foil tape. That is a very strong part of the boat typically, crack there would concern me. You can probably see how bad it is from the inside by pulling all of the anchor rode out and then go inside the cuddy cabin and un-snap the vinyl...
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    Vent windows

    And how much are they from Marine Glass Specialties??
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    Grady Transom inspection

    When you say zero flex, how did you determine this? Tilt the motor up and stand on the lower unit and bounce? That's a pretty good test.
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    Welcome to the Transom Club... Need help in SW FL

    I did my own 20 years ago on the Seafarer with the help of a guy who doesn't do glass work anymore. Marlin is a bigger wider transom. Paying someone you are going to be in for 5K minimum if I had to guess. A lot depends on if its just the transom, are the stringers involved, etc. My dentist has...
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    Vent windows

    The SeaDog part linked above looks nearly identical to what my SeaFarer uses. I have modified Hardware store push nuts to repair mine in the past since the push nut retainer rusts away eventually. My other parts are actually in good shape for being nearly 40 years old.
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    Whats it worth? Repowered 24' Offshore

    For an old boat with new power price boils down to what are you willing to get it go for. Sounds like a nice boat but getting past the stigma of the 1988 hull will be a challenge for many buyers. Many buyers will not have an appreciation for the work that has been put into it or that a 1998 hull...
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    top speed 86 offshore24 with twins?

    Hard top or No Hard Top, that makes a difference too. I have a 1982 Seafarer 226 retrofitted with a Stainless marine bracket, Single 225 Yamaha, 15x17 prop runs 30 at 4000 and 44 at 5500, no hardtop. Seafarer and Offshore look to be the same hull mostly except for length.
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    Repower - opinions

    So the newer 222 plus the cost of the used 4 stroke outboard plus rigging is cheaper than finding one already rigged as a package? You are going from a boat and engine without a warranty to another boat and engine without a warranty, albeit newer. I would rig your OX66 to the newer boat if you...
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    Towing The Seafarer 228 With Chev Tahoe

    2012 Tahoe/Yukon 5.3 2WD with 3.08 gears Max Towing is 5500lbs, 4wd cuts it down to 5200lbs. With a 3.42 rear end and on no K5L, 2wd you get 6000lbs, you need the 3.42 and the HD towing package (K5L) that adds engine,trans cooling etc to get to 8500. General rule of towing is do not exceed 80%...
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    82 Seafarer Cabin Wall Replacement questions

    Thank You for the response. I trimmed back the existing fur to expose the fiberglass and already removed the I/O carpet. Putting the old piece back in, there was quite a gap remaining now so I added to the original pattern to close the gap some more. Somehow after cutting I still had a gap on...
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    82 Seafarer Cabin Wall Replacement questions

    Searched and read quite a few of the threads on this and have a question for those who have done this. Just pulled my original 32 year old cabin walls out. Grady used some vinyl welting stapled to the ends of the plywood and this was mated against the cabin fur and I/O carpet which was...
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    Cabin Bulkheads Use Wood or Starboard?

    Thanks for the input. With the price of resin going up and time also being money, I am leaning toward the starboard. Resin,matt, plywood, finishing and time (total cost) will be very near Starboard I think. My main concern with the starboard was stiffness. King Starboard factory is pretty close...
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    Repairing Teak Cabin door and Glueing teak?

    Thanks. I had seen another post of yours about the silkens. My teak needs help, Starboard is convenient but very stark. I'm leaning towards it for the bulk head, but I'm not sure I'm ready to abandon all the teak just yet. Where do you buy the silkens? Can anyone recommend a good brand of...
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    Yamalube or Evinrude oil

    Pick a good quality name brand oil that meets TCW3 specification that is convenient for you to buy and stick with it. I have been running the Pennzoil semi synthetic. Walmart and West Marine both sell it, its cheaper at Walmart as much as I hate shopping there. The plus is they are every where...
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    Cabin Bulkheads Use Wood or Starboard?

    Thanks Thanks for all the input. :D I think the cabin headliner (I have the white fur) is currently sandwiched between the bulkhead and the cabin sides/top and I also have the vinyl welting stapled to the endgrain of the existing plywood. For those of you that have replaced the bulkhead...
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    89 Gradywhite Re-Power Options

    RE power While your hesitation with Evirude is understandable, the E-TEC Evinrudes developed by Bombardier are not the same motors as the Ficht. They have reported good reliability, good warranty and low maintenance (no scheduled maintenance for first 300 hours). Another bonus is all your...
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    Repairing Teak Cabin door and Glueing teak?

    Need to repair the teak cabin door. It came apart at the joints, slats fell out. I have all the pieces. What is proper glue to use for teak? Should I repair then refinish or clean sand and glue all the pieces and apply finish last? One of the short pieces at the bottom that connects the long...
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    Cabin Bulkheads Use Wood or Starboard?

    Tried searching but didn't have any luck (cabin bulkhead, bulkhead, starboard). Need to replace the cabin bulkheads (the wood on either side of the cabin door between the floor and cabin ceiling) and was wondering what other people have used. I was considering using 3/4" starboard but wondered...
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    The development of ringfree actually predates DI two strokes by at least 10 years or so. We were selling it at the Yamaha dealership where I worked in the early 1990's. It was initially marketed for two stroke products- PWC, outboards and dirt bikes. It is a highly concentrated version of...
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    Do you think twin 115's are enough power for an offshore 242

    Tunaman, trailer boats magazine did a comparison on the same boat between a Yamaha F225 and two F115's. The two F115's out performed the single F225 in fuel economy, topspeed and time to plane.Pretty good article sometime last year. Don't remember the boat they used right off hand. Gulfcoast...