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  1. CJ7Rob

    Inexpensive Oil Tank Hold-Down

    Maybe one of these
  2. CJ7Rob

    Redid my cockpit carpet and wood

    That Gulfstream looks nice. Eventually I'd like to change the fake wood bulkheads for starboard.
  3. CJ7Rob

    New Garmin EchoMap 54DV GPS Fishfinder

    Guys, I have a brand new complete in the box Garmin EchoMap 54DV GPS Unit with transducer. Never hooked up, all wrapped up in original plastic. Went a different route. Asking $500obo shipped or you can pick it up from me in NJ. I will be heading down to DC end of this week if you want to meet...
  4. CJ7Rob

    Okay, she's here.. but.. lol

    I would at least seal up that cap for now. You have a Fulton winch. I would get another Fulton one that comes with a cable instead of the strap. Shelby makes a good winch also. Fulton makes a quality jack too.
  5. CJ7Rob

    Redid my cockpit carpet and wood

    Thanks I got them on Ebay in link below. Probably made in China, hopefully they hold up. I like them since much brighter than the originals and they use the same screw holes...
  6. CJ7Rob

    Redid my cockpit carpet and wood

    Thanks bud, I re-did all the teak trim on this boat over the winter including the cabin doors.
  7. CJ7Rob

    Redid my cockpit carpet and wood

    New indoor/outdoor carpet and cleaned/reoiled teak. LED lights:)
  8. CJ7Rob

    Help with deciding on a new Garmin unit and transducer

    I have a brand new Garmin 54DV EchoMap that I was looking to sell if anyone is interested. Comes with screen cover, transducer, never used, everything complete in bags in box, Thanks.
  9. CJ7Rob


    Def looks like it'd be a hairy ride. That's a 27'?
  10. CJ7Rob

    Transom mod/repower update

    Very clean job you did, boat looks great for an '88.
  11. CJ7Rob

    Grady 204C Fuel tank height

    I will be using a small ratchet, can't fit a drill driver in there anyway. I bought a 10" Wema sender for my 11" deep tank. My tank was changed for a new 80 gallon in 2015. The place that made the tank for the previous owner sent me the drawing for it, Thanks
  12. CJ7Rob

    what do you think this boat is worth? 204c overnighter

    I've seen that boat on NJ Craigslist for a while last year. It was listed for $8kobo, then I think it dropped some. It does look like a pretty clean boat. Do you know how old the outboard is or how many hours? Get compression#s too. Its worth the $6-8k in my opinion, not $3500. I looked for over...
  13. CJ7Rob

    Fuel guage come on with key?

    I want to try to wire it with the key on, and then use that switch for something else like accessory lights, Thx.
  14. CJ7Rob

    Fuel guage come on with key?

    Anyone eliminate the fuel guage switch, andmake it so it just comes on with the key? I want to see my fuel level when I start the engine or turn the key on. I don't want to have to flip a switch and remember to shut it off. Boat is '89 204c Overnighter, Thanks
  15. CJ7Rob

    Anyone paint their dash?

    Yea good point on taping the perimeter. I was only planning on painting the textured part which is where the drill holes are. I'm planning on using one of those mini 3-4" rollers, Thx
  16. CJ7Rob

    Anyone paint their dash?

    I read some pretty good reviews on this Wet Edge Topside paint I might try in the link below. They have Oyster White, Off-White, and Hatteras Off-white which looks pretty close, Thanks
  17. CJ7Rob

    Anyone paint their dash?

    Would like to see some ideas on painted dashes. My dash has too many screw holes drilled into it here and there in the past from electronics. I want to fill the screw holes in with epoxy or something like Evercoat Formula 27 filler, sand it down and paint. Thinking of rolling it on since it...
  18. CJ7Rob

    Overnighter parted out custom ss fishing arch

    Hi Carlton,I am interested in the arch. Please PM me or give me a call at 908-581-8566. PS I'm also a VW guy, I have a '63 ragtop bug, Thanks.