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    Honda 250 taking a bath

    Basically, an outboard has four sections, an upper cowling above the gasket, a lower cowling below the gasket, a midsection, and a lower unit. Which one is taking a bath?
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    Honda 250 taking a bath

    With a 250 on that boat, and the right amount of throttle, you should be carving a hole in the water right down to the bottom of the V, which keeps the engine dry. I would be more concerned about the water filling that void, and bathing the engine as you come off plane. I know it’s not easy to...
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    Towing a GW 235 with BMW X5?

    My neighborhood, salt water ramp is on a canal, with a couple of feet of tide swing, and that area which is in the tide swing is covered with algae. Where it is dry, traction is no problem, but one step into the water and you are on ice. I have to hang onto the tailgate to get to the winch post...
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    Gulfstream 232 bilge pump/switch

    Edit to add: I am a slow typer , most of the following was covered while I was responding. The switch is the most likely culprit. Even though it is hard to reach, can you get a good look at it? Does it appear to be fully down, or slightly elevated. Try reaching it with something that will let...
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    GW rod/cup holders...

    Do you think a Lee’s rod holder that you buy on Amazon or eBay, is any different than the one you buy in West Marine?
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    ISO Fabric

    Cabin bolsters on my 2000 Seafarer are cream vinyl, upholstery is patterned fabric
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    Re: Factory Canvas Color?

    Your boat will stay cooler if you go with a lighter color, like the ivory, which may prolong the life of your upholstery, and other interior items. Probably won’t make as much of a difference in LI as it would in Florida.
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    GW rod/cup holders...

    Yes, I have some Amarine clamp on rod holders. No rust after three years.
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    GW rod/cup holders...

    If anything, I would be adding one to each side, not substituting.
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    Battery Issues

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    trim tabs

    I’ve never had a position indicator, but I always know where my tabs are, after I hold the “Bow up“ buttons down for three or four seconds. My general practice is, before adding tab on one side, I try removing a little on the other.
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    trim tabs

    I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone say, “I wish that my boat didn’t have trim tabs”.
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    what model year Freedom 285 & other questions

    As far as the windshield goes, running with it open is not a problem, up to the point that you start taking spray over the bow. It latches open with some force, due to the weight of the windshield, so teach everyone to pay attention to where their fingers are when opening, it’s a painful lesson.
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    The New Adventure

    An aftermarket top means custom canvas. Does the hardtop option include an enclosure?
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    what model year Freedom 285 & other questions

    I was looking at the windshield height, which would be a significant change, but it looks like 2023 is still at eye level.
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    Be observant

    Read your post about 1 AM, after using my live well yesterday for the first time this year. It reminded me that I had left the seacock open, so I walked down to the marina and closed it. Luckily, it’s only five minutes away.
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    Possible rotted tank or rotted fill hose.

    Did you also check the gasket on the sending unit, although “gallons of gas“ is a lot for that scenario. When is the last time you pulled the plug? When you snake around the tank, does it appear to be isolated in its own compartment, and is it dry underneath? Where are you snaking the camera...
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    livewell fills

    The 1 1/2" black stopper, which replaces the stand pipe, is in the drain. The problem is not vacuum, at least not on the SF228, it is water under pressure from the pick up scoop on the bottom of the hull, if the seacock is open.
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    livewell fills

    I too have left the dock with a livewell full of ice, planning to use it for a fish box to save room, only to open the lid for the first fish, and find it full of nothing but seawater. My inlet is behind a starboard panel, which sends the water in a circular motion, so I can't just put a plug...