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    Express 330 Freshwater Washdown Hose

    This is. PIA job. Unfortunately panels need to come down.
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    Express 330 Rocket Launchers

    Following this one. Would be great to see any photos/examples
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    Underwater Lighting

    Hi All, Currently repowering a 2002 330 with Yamaha 300HP DES outboards with Level 4 Helm master. And YES…….. I am fully aware of the design and original HP rating. I am located in Australia and the vessel has been re-engineered by a marine surveyor! While boat is out of the water I would like...
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    Fuel Select Switch - Express 330

    Hi All, Can anyone advise if in normal install the port fuel select switch feeds the port motor and starboard vice versa? Never took any notice on previous Marlins but current vessel is supplying opposite. I am going to change regardless but just wanted to find out what factory install was...
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    2002 Express 330 Outrigger Bases Install

    I have just completed this exact task with Taco Grand Slam bases and 20 foot carbon fibre poles installed in factory location. I used backing plate underside and fibreglass mounting plate that spanned across hardtop frame. Did this with a previous 2007 Marlin 300 and it was perfect. I can get...
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    Steering Wheel

    Thanks Fishtales!
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    Steering Wheel

    Could anyone advise the make/model of the current steering wheel used on a 330. If not perhaps the 3 spoke wheel used for about ten years on GW’s. I would like to replace the existing 5 spoke on our 2002 330. Thanks.
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    2002 330 Express Bow Thruster.

    Thanks for the reply. At first glance it looked difficult to see the cable path forward from the emergency stop location. does the rear berth headlining need to come down to access the location of the emergency stop button?
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    2002 330 Express Bow Thruster.

    Hi All, I am adding a bow thruster to a 2002 330 Express. I will be installing the circuit breaker emergency stop switch in the same location as the circa 2006 models. Is there a clear path to get the cable forward to the thruster location?
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    Bennett Trim Planes - Marlin Express

    Hi All, I have 2 x trim planes that have been removed from an Express 330 as we are changing to Zipwakes. Having had a Marlin previously I would guess they are the same size for Marlin, Express 330 and other similar vessels. They are available for sale to anyone that wants them. Only catch is...
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    Express Console Lifter Ram

    Turns out the ram is faulty and these aren’t available in Australia. Has anyone purchased on recently or a suitable replacement? Alternatively has anyone permanently fibreglassed the dash in?
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    Express Console Lifter Ram

    Hmmm. Now I am wondering whether the relay box ever existed and whether the ram was simply reversed through the console switch like Kirk has mentioned. I inherited the boat with the hatch lifter not working. Just about to start a complete refit.
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    A 5 minute job it was not!

    Looks good. Is the carbon fibre material a wrap?
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    2002 Express 330 Rigging Station

    Thanks for that. I’ll purchase a similar hose and complete the replacement.
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    Express Console Lifter Ram

    Thanks. I will take a look.
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    Express Console Lifter Ram

    Hi All, Can anyone with an express lift up electronics console confirm that the hatch lifter also requires the 12V relay box with it ro function up and down? Also wondering if by applying power direct to the ram it will drive up/down. Thanks again for any responses.
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    2002 Express 330 Rigging Station

    Hi All, Before I go and start pulling off panels unnecessarily could anyone advise the quickest access to the connection point to replace the flexible hose that come up in to the sink area. Thanks in advance.
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    Zipwake Trim Tabs - Express 330 or similar

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has converted a 330 or similar size from Bennett to Zipwake? Looking to complete this project. Thanks in advance!
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    Added a Bow Thruster to My 330 Express

    Do you happen to have any photos of the battery DC install?
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    Added a Bow Thruster to My 330 Express

    Did you cable back to the main batteries or add a battery in the bow? Just about to complete this exercise.