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    Looking for part time mate/Fishing Freeport NY

    Looking for trustworthy experienced part time mate/fishing with references- for GW306 canyon, General maintenance and fishing Saturdays. May- Sept . Maintenance ( cleaning ,waxing etc- can be done throughout day at leisure -approx. 10-12 hour/week. Fishing Sat approx. 9 hours. $20/hour...
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    Grady white Club Freeport or vicinity?

    Anyone interested in forming GW club for local fishing and social?
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    Armrest on 2011 306 Canyon need refurbishing

    Thanks Ill call them
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    Armrest on 2011 306 Canyon need refurbishing

    Can anyone tell me what to use to make arm rest look like new? I Understand there is an acrylic or vinyl spray? How do I match the color if this spray exists? Thanks
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    Pompanette Arm Rests

    Do you know if these will fit 2011 306 canyon starboard helm seat?
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    Helm seat mounted on combo seat and bait well. an only access through salt water hose well. Does anyone know how to remove and remount seat?
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    Simrad autopilot repair 2011 306 canyon

    Auto pilot needs repair. I was told by local electronics guy that it is impossible ? Anyone know better and how and where? Thanks Steve
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    Mate wanted Private GW 306 CC

    Fishing Mate-Private GW 306cc (Freeport) compensation: BASED ON EXPERIENCE employment type: employee's choice job title: Fishing Mate -Private 306GW CC FT/PT MATE FOR SEASON MAY 23-SEP 30. EXPERIENCED ONLY. FISHING INSHORE TO 40 MILES, FAMILIAR WITH JONES, FI AND DEBS INLETS.MAINTAIN BOAT...
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    Hi Guys I have 306 Canyon cc totally refurbished in Freeport. Looking for fishing buddies. Also need a mate if anyone knows one ( back surgery). Want to start a club? Im in! Steve
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    Any GW clubs near Freeport, Long Island??

    Just refurnished 306 Canyon, new to GW Would Like to join
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    Types and size of anchors

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I really appreciate it. I let you know what GW says and what I ultimately wind up with
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    Hatch mold

    Still cant find hatch and receiver that comes close to one on 2011 bait well. Can you recommend?
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    Hatch mold

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    Types and size of anchors

    Terrific!! Thanks for the response!! Great help
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    Types and size of anchors

    Can GW 306 canyon davit accommodate danforth anchor? If so what is the largest size danforth I could use. If not what is the largest size plow anchor that I can use. Is it possible to purchase 300 ft of 1/2 inch line with 20-30 ft of chain already attached or is that a custom make. Thanks Steve
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    Hatch mold

    Hi Can you create a baitwell hatch cover that would be same as that shown in photos for 306 canyon 2011? How much do you estimate cost to be? Thanks Steve
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    Bait well lid for 2011 GW 306 Canyon

    In the process of doing that but hard to get a yes or no answer depending on who you speak to Thanks Steve
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    Bait well lid for 2011 GW 306 Canyon

    Can anyone help me find one? Thanks Steve
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    Got it- Ill have it checked out and I will post results. Cant thank you enough for you feedback, Steve