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    Lewmar Thruster joystick

    Is there a way or some type of connector to connect a newer model Lewmar bow thruster joystick (8 wires) to the existing 4 wire (red, black, blue and grey) supply from the thruster box?
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    Pic of Grady White without striping or logos

    I have read several threads asking about removing the logos and striping. I am actually in the process of replacing mine, but took a picture with the boat in stealth mode.
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    Gas odor after running twin 350's

    Final update....after multiple examinations of the starboard engine, a bad gasket was found on the VST which was casing the fuel to leak. The gasket has since been replaced and the problem solved. I guess the fuel was just pooling and only leaking out of the cowling when the engine was up...
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    Who Follows the "Great Deals Thread"?

    Just subscribed to the email notifications. My wife is not going to be happy.
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    Gas odor after running twin 350's

    Thanks for all of the advice. I will try all of those things on Wednesday. I have also been reading about the possibility of fuel leaking out of the VST when the engine is raised. Has anyone encountered this?
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    Gas odor after running twin 350's I continue to smell gas from the starboard engine, I went ahead and had a third Yamaha mechanic look and he too was unable to find anything after a thorough running of the engine. So today, after a day of fishing, I noticed that there wasn’t a gas smell until I trimmed the motor all...
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    Gas odor after running twin 350's

    The smell is definitely coming from the Starboard engine. I’m still not sure which side the sheen is coming from, but will check it out again this weekend. Thanks for the advice on checking the fuel consumption, I’ll take a look at this weekend.
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    Gas odor after running twin 350's

    Sounds like I may need a third opinion. I had the boat in Fort Lauderdale initially, super easy to service, but moved it inland to Lake Lanier in Georgia...much more difficult to find certified Yamaha mechanics who know a 350.
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    Gas odor after running twin 350's I had a guy at the marina check out my engine and he thought he saw a dried up area of fluid under the fuel cooler (his term). He recommended a Yamaha service guy who can out, did a thoughrough check and was unable to find anything leaking. He merely stated that the engine runs...
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    Gas odor after running twin 350's

    Probably a stupid newbie question...but i have twin 08 Yamaha 350's on my 360 Express and have noticed a mild gas smell from the outboards and a small sheen in the water after running the boat for a while. Both the smell and film dissipate after a while, and only occurs after running. There is...
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    Hem AC leaking Into the aft cabin

    I have owned a 2008 GW 360 Express for about a month now. I am really enjoying the boat but have had a problem with fresh water leaking into the aft cabin whenever I run the helm ac. It’s comes in from the port side ceiling in the aft cabin. I thought originally that the sump pump that drains...
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    Express 360 Refrigerator

    Thanks Jerry! With your long can you run the fridge without having to turn on the generator?
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    Express 360 Refrigerator

    The fridge is actually only on the AC panel on the 360....really odd if you ask me. Ultimately, I will need to periodically run the generator to keep the fish boxes cool and the fridge cold, but I was looking for a way to not put so many hours on the generator and have a bit more quiet.
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    Express 360 Refrigerator

    Hello all, I’m new to the site and have really enjoyed the tremendous amount of knowledge from its members. I’m the proud new to me owner of a 2008 Grady White 360, and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how to supply the refrigerator and fish boxes with power without AC shore power or...