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    Freeze plate retrofit on 330?

    Googled, and found this:
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    Coffee Maker for a boat

    On my 23' Wellcraft, I had a 500 or 800 watt inverter. Useless for a coffee pot. I added a 2500 watt, and it worked great for the little Mr. Coffee I had. When I traded it in, the dealer asked why I had the inverter, and I told him,. He liked the idea. Since it was only in when I made...
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    Freeze plate retrofit on 330?

    Would love to hear/see how it goes.
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    330 Express- Upgrade Shore Power Connection?

    The outlet on the pedestal at my slip was discolored. I have replaced that receptacle, my shore cord and the outlet on the boat. Not taking any chances. Yes, I always cut breaker off when disconnecting/reconnecting, but apparently it was not done prior to me.
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    Personal mods

    Without pictures, its never happened! LOL!
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    330 Express- Upgrade Shore Power Connection?

    Thanks guys. Have not had the issue since. Believe it must have been an issue at the dock we were at that weekend.
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    Congrats! I am sure you will love it, as much as we love our 2009 330 Express! Mike
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    WTB 330 Express

    If I could find something I liked better, I would offer up any 2009 330 with the twin 350's. They are awesome boats!
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    GW 330 Rocket Launcher (cockpit)

    Well, there is not enough space to sneak the power cord in front of the motors in the up position, if I have the engines covered.
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    GW 330 Rocket Launcher (cockpit)

    @Bayhouse, That may be a great option, Thanks! Mike
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    GW 330 Rocket Launcher (cockpit)

    @Everwhiom, I wish I could add the transom mount, but there is no room with the 350's. Looking for options for center rods. Mike
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    GW 330 Rocket Launcher (cockpit)

    I see now. I was clicking on the picture, not the link, so I pass seeing the "whole"picture. Thanks, Mike
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    GW 330 Rocket Launcher (cockpit)

    I would love to see how you mounted the base in the floor. Is it recessed?
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    2004 330 Express - Radio/Speaker wiring

    Did you take any pics of the installation? I am thinking about upgrading ours also. Thanks, Mike
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    Insurance for a 330 express

    I use Boat US for my 2009 330. Have used them since 1984. When I purchased my 330, I contacted Nationwide to see if adding the boat to my home and auto would be a benefit. They could not come close. Way more expensive, less benefits. Don't forget the unlimited towing for $125. Just my...
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    Stereo modifications on a 33 express

    Thanks, I like that location. I had thought about adding a set next to the spreader lights. How are you liking the Sure-shade?
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    Stereo modifications on a 33 express

    Where did you mount your speakers?
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    Trailering 33’ Grady-white express

    Lt. Mike,= & Fishtales, I Totally agree. The 280 Sea Ray was enough of a pain to trailer home for the winter. I let the yard handle the 330!! Themikehyde
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    Stereo modifications on a 33 express

    I will be following and anxious to hear some ideas. Like the speakers at the helm, but would love some in the cockpit.
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    Cockpit drain covers

    A dog hair screen would be great!