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    Boat Trailers: Bunk vs Roller

    It's all personal preference. I've had boats bigger and smaller that a 272 with both styles. One is not inherently better than the other. The 272 is neither too big or too small for either trailer. Use 'yer google skills and you'll come up with lot's of info on this. It's all opinions. The...
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    228 performance

    As you probably know, those specs are done in ideal conditions with a light load (best case scenarios). But I think you're in the ballpark to make that happen based on the the perf spec and using the stock prop should work. HOWEVER, let's use the perf spec as an example to help talk about...
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    GE silicone or this?

    LifeSeal does come in a 'cameo' color, but I've never seen it in person to say what the color actually looks like. Maybe call them to find out? They're good people - I'm sure they can help with that. But, in the end, it's not a huge area you're talking about so probably not that big of a deal...
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    If you have never checked out boats before, you might be best served to hire a surveyor. Another quick thing to do is to step on the motor and look for transom flex. But, at 30-years old, it would be somewhat expected to have some issues - or, at least, it certainly wouldn't be 'rare'.
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    GE silicone or this?

    Since you're not going to open that locker any time soon, I'd go with a more robust product. BoatLife LifeSeal would be my personal choice. Not that the GE stuff is bad, I'm sure, but the BoatLife is a superior product when it comes to longevity.
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    Missing flanged edge on transom drain on my 282

    When did you contact Grady? They're usually pretty good at getting back to people. The drain tubes are flared in place. You need a flanging tool and a new, brass drain tube. That's kind of an odd thing to have happen, though. Possibly someone replaced the old one and didn't know what they...
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    I wouldn't add a real cleat. A real cleat would end up getting used as a 'cleat' somewhere along the lines and, as mentioned, it may not be in an appropriate spot (you may have access to thru-bolt, but might have to remove something or get up underneath). Why not just use the existing midship...
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    Depth finder not working

    Is it a shoot-thru or an actual thru-hull? Have you tried disconnecting the plugs, checking male/female out, then reinserting? How about various settings in the machine? Does it show ANYTHING? What does it show, if something? Is the ducer making it's normal clicking sounds?
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    Rocker Switch Replacement

    It could be that those switch covers that you bought were used on some Grady Whites, but maybe just not on others. I think you get what you pay for when it comes to vinyl overlays. Something like 3M Di-Noc should be excellent, though. New Wire Marine is a solid source for anything dealing...
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    Often, not always, but often in these are referred to as "gas springs". That terminology might help you. As KY mentioned, Ameritool is a good brand - you can also find Attwood products readily. Really, any marine store should have these (or can easily get). Don't buy from Autozone - they...
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    Depth finder not working

    Well, what do you mean by "not working"? That's vague... clarify? The first thing that came to my mind is that the ducer is kicked up and out of position... but then I'm making an assumption that you have a transom mounted ducer.
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    Yammy Square Gauges-NONE of the buttons work

    I would think that disconnecting the batteries should provide the same possible result. Can't hurt to try, though. Otherwise you're looking at disassembling it to the point where you can check the interior button contact points (and the part of the button, on the inside, that does the...
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    Trim Tabs

    There are worse things in life than that! Yer welcome!
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    Boat Hook

    You're welcome, one-who-fibs-about-the-fish-he's-caught! I've actually never used THAT one - I've only ever used the black, nylon head one. But I guess if the nylon one is as good as it is, then the SS should be better. The ONLY drawback I've found is that one of the collapsible ones jammed...
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    Trim Tabs

    Yes, in order for them to retract on their own, that ATR would have had to have been installed. They won't retract on their own without that 'add-on".
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    Trim Tabs

    They should reset when you turn OFF the power (key). Perhaps you are remembering wrong?
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    95 226 swim platform

    What does it look like? Can you post a pic?
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    Boat Hook

    Garelick. Use and sell many of these - over 30 years, I've yet to hear of one breaking. Not saying it doesn't happen - I'm sure it does - but these have been excellent.
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    228 performance

    I didn't realize I read your original initial post about holes backwards until I just read KY's post. You may have already figured out my response didn't make sense. Yes, raising the motor is a good idea - but also take a look at the anti-vent plate like I mentioned before doing so.
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    228 performance

    I have the same HP (although 2-stroke), so there could be some gearing difference between the two lower units. However, I have a 24' boat and am also running a Yamaha 17" wheel. I top out at right around 5,500RPMs and 40MPH (on gps). Maybe you should be running a 19"? -- Speed is GPS...