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  1. SkunkBoat

    Repower 265 Express

    no, it'll probably sit right where you want it. See how it works. Remember, there is an adjustment to stop the tilt before it hits something. My problem was that the cylinder hit the top of the transom before the LU got out of the water HC5345 is designed to flip over the top and the...
  2. SkunkBoat

    Fell MOB+ vs ACR OLAS Guardian

    Did you get the AM radio?
  3. SkunkBoat

    Repower 265 Express

    You have the other seastar cylinder HC5358 that sits under. You can’t move that one over the top
  4. SkunkBoat

    Islamorada Sailfish report

    Ha. They slayed sailfish outside Hillsboro Inlet so my brother went Thursday with live mullet and kite. They all got bit in half. Landed one kingfish Friday trolled two dolphin. He has the skunk stink
  5. SkunkBoat

    Fell MOB+ vs ACR OLAS Guardian

    no. one key, one kill switch, two start stop buttons
  6. SkunkBoat

    Yamaha 150 wont pee

    Based on what you said, there is no problem with the pump nor the telltale. It works when running the motor down in the water. You don't have enough pressure when flushing on the hose to reach the top of the engine. Could be Poppet valve stuck open. When problem flushing on hose, is motor...
  7. SkunkBoat

    Fell MOB+ vs ACR OLAS Guardian

    Thats my reasonong for leaning towards ACR OLAS. The bulk of equipment is separate from the small button/indicator The Fell has to be mounted on the dash but also where the unit and antenna fit. I'll make a decision closer to April so I'm not another guy with one waiting to be installed...seems...
  8. SkunkBoat

    Fell MOB+ vs ACR OLAS Guardian

    looking at zuke diagram looks like simple jump in parallel to single kill switch
  9. SkunkBoat

    Tournament 192 replacement cutting board

    I have used a planer and a sander on starboard. Cleans up nice enough for a cutting board.
  10. SkunkBoat

    Throttling up to Turn in Place

    In the video, he is not twisting the boat. he is turning the boat. He has the wheel turned a bit in the direction he wants to turn (port) and using the fwd gear to turn, against a reverse motor that is pointed the wrong direction. its trying to pull the bow to starboard not port. The boat does...
  11. SkunkBoat

    Throttling up to Turn in Place

    I think if you are going to try to have one raised and the other not, you are setting yourself up for trouble. I find it way better both fully down. Straight. Both props are below the boat. All thrust is working in the direction you want. your fwd prop isn't throwing water up. Bracket boats...
  12. SkunkBoat

    Throttling up to Turn in Place

    don't forget to straighten the motors and don't touch the wheel
  13. SkunkBoat

    265 rear bench seat options/ideas

    The pinned hinges are a great idea. Thats pretty sweet. What did you do to lock the tailgate in place? I see a chip in the tailgate along the hinge. I repaired a bunch of those with epoxy and painted the tailgate. My brother and main fishing buddy just moved out of state. I might be...
  14. SkunkBoat

    Galvanic Isolator replacement

    This may be a spring project. The original (under the gunnel) may or may not work but it is not the "FailSafe" type they make now. It is also in the way of me installing another swivel rodholder. I never use shore power except sometimes I'll plug in the charger if I haven't been able to run the...
  15. SkunkBoat


    My mind has wondered/wandered in the same direction regarding my livewell and fishbox but it hasn't gone past the "hmmm?" stage. There is a chance that the lid is cored with high density foam and not plywood. So it might be as good as the other sides. The hardware is thru bolted so you could...
  16. SkunkBoat

    Suzuki DF200AP maintenance tips

    If you run less than 100hrs a year you are going to do oil change between seasons. This is where it gets you. Say you ran 75 hrs. pull the boat for winter. change oil and "think" you reset the alarm. 25 hours into next season the alarm goes off while you are underway. The procedure requires...
  17. SkunkBoat

    Suzuki DF200AP maintenance tips

    OH! Another thing that pops up .... The Engine Oil Change procedure begins on page 85 of the manual. Nowhere in that procedure is a step to reset the oil change reminder alarm. Oil Change Reminder System is on Page 49. It tells you how to silence the alarm and reactivate the system to the next...
  18. SkunkBoat

    Fell MOB+ vs ACR OLAS Guardian

    researching which wireless Kill Switch/MOB alarm to buy...if any.. Fell has some bad reviews due to water in the FOB and/or the main hub...
  19. SkunkBoat


    an update for 2024 BoatUS/Geico has ammended the Cruising limits. Everything in italics is new to 2024 policy. CRUISING LIMITS: While afloat the insured boat must be confined to the area indicated below: Coastal and inland waters of a state, territory or possession of the U.S. or territory of...
  20. SkunkBoat

    Networking Garmin gpsmap units

    The b164 is a traditional CW (non-CHIRP) 50/200kHz 1 kw. That is really good for deep water and reading bottom well while running. To complement that you could get a GT52 or GT56UHD transom mount to give you CHIRP clear vu and side vu. They are HighWide at 455/800/1000 khz and will give you...