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  1. jip40


    I have a 2002 330 in Florida & have used Progressive for past 3-4 years. I had no problem increasing the stated value when I repowered. I insure through Gallagher Insurance Agency
  2. jip40

    Who makes the rocker switch covers?

    New wire did a new dash panel when I repowered from 2002 Yahamas to new Suzukis - took the panel from 5 small round displays to 2 larger rectangles. Came out perfect.
  3. jip40

    arm rest refurb

    In for updates - my armrests are downright ugly edit: went ahead & ordered the Taylor spray coating, it will be the 1st of March before I get back to the boat. I’ll give an update after it’s completed
  4. jip40

    Repower 330

    I actually replaced the original 225hp Yamahas with the 250hp Suzukis. Like you speed is not my top priority, comfort is much more important to me & I bought the boat in 2011 with 450 hours on them. I then put an additional 1,000+ hours on them. The 225s cruised 25-28 mph at 4500 rpm getting...
  5. jip40

    Repower 330

    I repowered my 2002 with Suzuki 250AP in 2021. Originally I had ordered 300AP (installing dealer had no problem with the upgrade) but based on the suggestion of a friend I checked with insurance company (Progressive) to make sure they were ok with it. Following is the response from insurance...
  6. jip40

    Actuator for 360 Express electronics box

    Sorry - the correct part number is GP300L-D at least through
  7. jip40

    Actuator for 360 Express electronics box

    I recently purchased one through They are located on the Florida coast plus New Mexico and Oregon, I believe, they are also a distributor for Uflex, the manufacturer in Italy. The model referenced, GD300L-D is made specifically for all the electronics hatches on the...
  8. jip40

    Indicator Lights on the AC Main Panel not working

    I have a similar problem with my 2002 330. The issue is with 2–3 of the breakers not all of them & all of the components are functioning properly other than the indicator lights
  9. jip40

    Need help from any 330 owners that replaced their A/C units

    I’ve replaced the water pump a couple of times over the 12 years I’ve owned the boat, right now the water pump is working fine it is the A/C unit itself that isn’t. In 2015 I started having issues with the fan not starting up when the compressor came on, the system would then shutdown. I...
  10. jip40

    Need help from any 330 owners that replaced their A/C units

    I have a 2002 330 with the original A/C unit. For the past 5-6 years I have been nursing it along and it has served me well. Now it is time to replace it but, obviously, this model is no longer available. If any 330 owners have changed out their A/C units I would like to know what brand and...
  11. jip40

    330 Express Freshwater Washdown Hose

    I replaced the fresh water hose in the cockpit of my 2002 330 express about 8 years ago. I found a direct replacement for the original hose at a Grady dealer in either FL or MD. I was told that the connection for the hose was accessed through the cave aka mid-birth cabin. I had to remove two...
  12. jip40

    Pair Suzuki (new) S/S props 3x16x17

    Port & Starboard S/S OEM Suzuki 3x16x17 props with 2 each Prop Bushing Stopper and Prop Nut Spacer. With only 30 hours on the props they are barely used and show it. I repowered with Suzuki DF250AP’s that came as a package with the props. Because of the weight of my boat Grady-White 330...
  13. jip40

    Marlin Rear Hatch Mod?

    g0ta - do you have the mfg and size or model of the hatch you used - thanks Jeff
  14. jip40

    Marlin Rear Hatch Mod?

    Following as I have similar issue with my 330 - except that the flange has been cracked & pretty much f**cked up during a recent repower. I am going to have to have to have a service tech cleanup the flange area before proceeding
  15. jip40

    Grady 360 w/Suzuki 300s

    I repowered my 330 with DF250APs (same engine as DF300AP) and got with Marcus at PowerTech he put me on 4x16x15 props - work great BUT I only have 2 engines & boat is lighter - I would still talk with Marcus
  16. jip40

    Need photo of 2008 or newer 330

    The main benefit of the telescoping ladder is that it can be deployed from the water where the original ladder can not. I know you can stand on cavitation plate & push the button to raise you up but I am 82 yo & not wanting to try that. Even as important to me is that I just repowered with new...
  17. jip40

    Need photo of 2008 or newer 330

    Dennis - do you think that welding an extension under the mounting brace will provide a lasting solution - I don’t know enough about the strength of ss welding
  18. jip40

    Need photo of 2008 or newer 330

    Thanks for taking the photo - it shows what I expected which is a squaring off of the swim platform to allow the rather short attaching brace to fully rest on the swim platform On the older style 330 (my boat) only one of the two mounting holes will actually reach the platform. An alternative...
  19. jip40

    Need photo of 2008 or newer 330

    Hey all, I am switching my swim ladder from the 3 step that clips onto the transom in front of engines to the current Windline TXL-4E that Grady currently uses. The problem is that the swim platform on my 2002 is not squared off so the ladder would be at a 45 degree angle when extended - not a...