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  1. 5-Salt

    248 Voyager Cuddy hatch replacement

    You can purchase plexiglass window replacement from OEM manufacturer. Find their company name on the aluminum frame and google their contact details.
  2. 5-Salt

    2001 248 voyager issues

    I have 97 248 Voyager with OX-66 250hp and T-8 8hp kicker motor purchased from original owner in 2007. Has a hard top, bow pulpit and aux fuel tank. I keep it trailed and stored in an enclosed RV garage Boat likes the motor to be trimmed up to top of range for docking and trailering as doing so...
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    What have you done to your Grady lately?

    Love the table option - Very Nice
  4. 5-Salt

    Repowering: Should I change fuel lines?

    Yes Installed aux tank last summer - super simple to replace with hatches off. Old Caulk clean up and new caulk install turned our be much easier than I initially planned
  5. 5-Salt

    Grady 258 Journey

    What model year? Pics?
  6. 5-Salt

    What have you done to your Grady lately?

    Installed new Simrad NSX 12in Plotter; Installed Center Fuel Tank; Inspected main tank; Installed all new inspection ports,; and Re-sealed all deck openings
  7. 5-Salt

    Engine paint...Grady white vs Yamaha white

    Cream turned out brilliantly - good work! May we inquire as to cost for Marine Max to complete?
  8. 5-Salt

    Twist Latch

    Find comparable Stainless stock and modify to suit; or have local fabricator construct from Stainless to match existing. Another option is to install flush mount latch pic'd below. Or Install hidden catch inside hatch - see below pic as well. Flush mount Hidden Catch = Ball Catch...
  9. 5-Salt

    Hard time staying on plane.

    Same here Trim tabs used only once on plane to level side to side and just enough bow down to stop proposing 4,000-5,000 rpms is normal cruising which nets 24-30mph. Those numbers vary if rear tank is full. I like to keep 50gallons in forward tank and 30-40gal in rear tank for better...
  10. 5-Salt

    WTB Fuel Bladder 100Gln Have all shapes and sizes in below and on-deck types. Will construct custom bladders as well.
  11. 5-Salt

    Transom mount transducer on 330.

    SEAWORTHY INNOVATIONS Stern Pad Jumbo White - Screwless Transducer/Acc. Mounting Kit (for Large 3D Scan Transducers) - Made in The USA with Genuine 3M VHB Adhesive $44.00 on Amazon
  12. 5-Salt

    Resealing of 33 Express Side Vent

    Prefer GE Advanced Silicone 2 Window and Door Sealant - Almond Color for all sealing above waterline. Matches Grady Color, 10year no mold performance, and remains pliable much longer (no seal cracking, lot less shrinkage). Same stuff Grady uses on deck hatches, cockpit sealing, etc. The...
  13. 5-Salt

    What's on your list for winter projects?

    Winter-Spring: Install new stainless cockpit drains Replace cockpit trim Tidy up recent electronics Installations Upgrade Spreader lights to Grady LED red/white. Install new TeleStar Helm & Steering Cylinder w/ stainless trolling motor connect rod Paint New Lower Unit after another 20-30hrs of...
  14. 5-Salt

    Auxiliary fuel tank

    Two filler caps?
  15. 5-Salt

    Auxiliary fuel tank

    I just completed Aux tank installation on my 1997 Voyager Tank: OEM tank from Florida Marine Tanks - should come with sending unit pre-installed Parts: -Grady Parts List: -2nd filler/cap assembly or match existing with after market filler (Grady model has vent hose connect fitting - Match...
  16. 5-Salt

    Boat camping (sleeping on board) with a CPAP machine

    80% of the time I use shore power adapter with an extension cord for my cpap. Rest of the time I use cpap car charger adapter the plugs into boat's cigarette charger Marinco 199128 Pigtail Adapter, 30A 125V Male to 3-Way 15A 125V Female with GFCI
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    When Are New Fuel Tanks Required

    Thanks! Clean install of tanks courtesy of bleach hull cleaner spay and pressure washer rinse.
  18. 5-Salt

    When Are New Fuel Tanks Required

    Like all larger diameter marine hoses it had it challenges. -Disconnected filler hose from tank, -Loosen filler neck hose clamps just enough to slide them down being very careful not to let clamps drop down hose under floors and re- tightened the bottom clamp to prevent sliding down...
  19. 5-Salt

    Can I trailer a shrink wrapped boat?

    I had mine shipped on it's trailer in Marina-installed shrink wrap from New England to Oregon. Only item of note were two 1/8-to-3/16in gel coat ware/rub spots by one of shrink wrap packing straps at corner where hull bottom and side meet. Neither ware spot went any deeper that surface gelcoat
  20. 5-Salt

    When Are New Fuel Tanks Required

    Installed new Aux Tank this past summer to increase capacity and improve ride. Pulled main tank covers to replace fuel lines - main is 25yr original. Main looked to be in nearly a good condition as new aux tank and to date have never had fuel smell under inspection covers from fueling or...