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    what is it about GW clubs?

    sel1005, You can take a look at our club, The Gulfstream Grady Group. The club has has over 40 members in and around Palm Beach County, FL. We also have a few members from central Florida that join us for our local events along with our trips to the Bahamas and else where. We started the club a...
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    Gulfstream Grady Group Cookout / Gathering - November 15th

    The Gulfstream Grady Group will be having a cookout / gathering this weekend (November 15th) at P-Nut Island - Palm Beach. We will be rafting up starting at about 10AM on the east side of P-Nut Island in the Lake Worth Inlet/Lagoon. There is a fishing tournament prior to the cook out with lines...
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    2010 GW Trips?

    Also take a look at the Gulfstream Grady Group of South Florida. We have few events / trips left for 2009 and are planning trips / events for 2010. Take a look at our website for further information - We love to have you and your family join us!!
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    366 anyone?

    A Good Friend of ours has production hull #1 that he just took delivery of about 2 months ago and let me tell you its beautiful!! The one thing he now wished he had done is add the third engine. From seeing it myself it looks very unusal with the two motors and their spacing apart on the...
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    Show Us Your Grady

    Why isn't anyone posting pictures of their Gradys??? Come On Now!! Let's See Them!! Hope Everyone Had a Great Summer!!
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    Show Us Your Grady

    Bahamas Summer of 2009
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    Canyon 283?

    That is the new name for all the center consoles GW makes 28ft and up.
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    Runaway Boat Crash

    That is what I was thinking too!! But any insurance company who sees the boat and possibly the video will throw the claim out.
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    Runaway Boat Crash

    It was actually three people who were thrown out while the boat was running 30 mph. Which seems a little fishy to me.... How can three people be thrown out of a boat at one time?? One has to be holding the wheel and standing behind the console. Plus the seas this whole weekend here in S. Florida...
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    366 is in

    The center console / pilot house is what you get. It is not an option. They have a canvas T-Top drop curtain as an option to protect you more from the elements. I feel it looks more like an Everglades pilot house / console. I'm going down today to look at it at the dealer. I will take my camera...
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    366 is in

    The pictures are of the test boat. If you look closely at the rear picture with the twins you can see the bolt holes for where the third engine was mounted. When ordered with the twins, the engines are a little closer together for optimum performance.
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    283 release

    Now when you say with all options - What options are you receiving??
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    366 is in

    Plus check out the new pictures of the 360 Express Cabin - They changed the bridge enclosure. Not sure if I like that 100%...
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    366 is in

    A good friend of ours ordered hull #1 (production boat) and it just came into Mariner Marine on Friday. I've been meaning to go down to look at it. Will probably go down tomorrow to see it and take some pictures. He ordered it with twin 350's and said when he was up at GW and tested the boat...
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    E10 may be going to E15..Time to get involved

    What I feel needs to happen is that the fuel companies should offer a ethanol blend and a non-ethanol fuel at their stations. The ethanol blend shall be for 87 and 89 octanes and the non-ethanol shall be for the high test 90+ octane. This would benefit both us the boaters on and off the water...
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    Bahamas Trip - June 24th - 28th, 2009

    We have a few more rooms and slips open. Come on Florida Grady White Owners join us for a good time in the Bahamas!!!! Let me know if anyone is going to join us???? Thanks!!!
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    Bahamas Trip - June 24th - 28th, 2009

    I sure will. Also keep an eye on our website since the meeting times and dates are always posted on there. If you are interested in joining us go ahead and make your reservations at the resort and marina since they are filling up quickly!! Let Ta'Shar know you...
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    Bahamas Trip - June 24th - 28th, 2009

    We will be departing in two groups one from Palm Beach Inlet and the other from Jupiter Inlet. We will both be leaving around 6:30-7:00am on the 24th and meeting up as we get closer to the Bahamas but will be within radio reach of each other. No, no one from Miami area has contacted me that they...