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    1984 Caribbean 242.... Yamaha 225?

    I need to find an engine for my Caribbean project. Junking the seadrive and adding a bracket (BTW, seadrive for sale :D ). Have my eye on a Yamaha 250 (1991) but also just saw a Yamaha 225 (ox66, 2000). Would the 225 be fine? Im not looking for a speed demon but at the same time don't want...
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    Electrical Upgrades

    I am upgrading my electrical system. Boat is a '84 242 and I have big plans. First, most of the wiring is junk so I figured I would replace all that I can. I began by cleaning out everything from the helm back. I have done lots of research and am adding a new Blue Sea battery switch with...
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    Engine Search...Your opinion is greatly appreciated!

    I am on the lookout for an engine to re-power my project. With all that I need to do to this boat, and in an effort to keep the cost down, I am looking for a runner for a year or 2. I have read posts on a few forums, looked on CL and called a few local shops and in the end as you can imagine...
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    Bringing a Grady back to life... comments? suggestions?

    So I just purchased this 1983 Caribbean 242. Needs some sprucing up... some updates. She is clean with regards to the fiberglass... no cracks really anywhere. If you look at the instrument pic you can see she only has 1,046 hours.... that's pretty low.. right? The wood trim needs to be...
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    WTB Engine Bracket for '83 Caribbean 242

    I have a new to me 1983 Caribbean 242 that has an old OMC Seadrive that I want to remove to add a bracket and new engine. Im in the Boston area. Ideally it would be a swim platform bracket. Let me know if anyone has one to sell! Thanks Thomas