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  1. journeyman

    Tournament 225G bottom paint

    Another thumbs up for Pettit Hydrocoat ECO. 3 years now on everything, even use it on my RIB,
  2. journeyman

    A decade on my 228

  3. journeyman

    ESPAR airtronic D4 HEATER

    Looks like it's diesel. Haven't used it since the Marlin but I have one and it works well. Secured it inside a milk crate. Less tippy and keeps a gap around it.
  4. journeyman

    Fischer Panda 4.2kw generator

    Mine is a 2008 and I don't have one. I was at work when you posted your question and I went to FP website and perused the owner's manual of the 4.2K. This filter is something they must have added later than mine but I don't know when. See page 39 and 98. Page 98 is where it says that if this...
  5. journeyman

    Well, here goes!

    Congrats and enjoy! Big learning curve from a Lund to a Marlin. Lots to learn but lots to love!
  6. journeyman

    Rigging an outrigger

    This should give you a (some) idea(s). It's a double rig. You should start with a single. There are small things people do a little different, ie different clips, anchor point, cord vs mono etc. Google and read......
  7. journeyman

    Fischer Panda 4.2kw generator

    Looking at the FP manual online, it does say in the trouble shooting section that a dirty Fuel filter is a possible cause of drop in voltage output. Possible engine running rougher/slower..... Rougher/ slower would also lower HZ output also. You said filters changed every year. Which one(s)...
  8. journeyman

    Fischer Panda 4.2kw generator

    Since generator HZ output is a function of speed (RPM), the drop in HZ is an indication that the generator is slowing down under load and not speeding back up. Possibly related, the lower voltage reading says the generator is either outputting beyond capacity (unlikely as all you have on really...
  9. journeyman

    For all you Southern Boys the Struggle is Real.

    Last couple of years March has really S#CKED! But you're right, It comes and goes fast.
  10. journeyman

    Windlass - opinions please

    Oh, and a good set of fids make splicing waaaaayyyy easier!!!
  11. journeyman

    Windlass - opinions please

    Just an opinion but if you're gonna possibly lay out 800' of line at times, the V700 is probably not the windlass you should consider. I've had 2 of them and they are good light to medium duty. Definately need something beefier! Another reason I use a retrieval ball.
  12. journeyman

    Windlass - opinions please

    I consider myself a B- when it comes to splicing. Better with 3 strand, lots of back splices and loops but no anchor splices. Plaited line is a little trickier. Done some loops and one anchor splice which worked so, I guess, OK. First, and I think you know this already, no loose ends. Stating...
  13. journeyman

    Windlass - opinions please

    Water in the bilge is a fact of life for a Grady owner. Wash/rinse your windlass and rode. Deal with it! Once a year ( I do it in the spring) place the entire rode in a wheel barrow and soak/rinse with fresh water then soak with fresh water/fabric softener. Dilute the fabric softener first to...
  14. journeyman

    Windlass - opinions please

    You can make it free fall by securing the fallsafe pawl and loosening the clutch manually. I don't, but it can be done.
  15. journeyman

    My 2 cents on the NY Boat Show

    I believe we'll see a couple of the new Yam 425s hanging off the back of a Grady. Also, I wonder if the Canyon 45 that Cataumet has will be there? Heck, it might have already sold........
  16. journeyman

    Replacement outrigger lines and hardware

    You can do it piecemeal. Use what you have that's still good. Buy what you need to replace or upgrade. Choose what clip you want. Last time I re-did mine, I added a pulley to the top of each pole and Hal-Locks instead of rings. A lot smoother!!!
  17. journeyman

    I'm thinking about purchasing a 2019 Marlin 300 and would love feedback from current or former Marlin owners

    My thoughts as a Marlin owner on your questions: Aside from being envious, I see your point about buying new. Even with a good survey, you never know how a boat was cared for / treated. Appearance gives you a clue but doesn’t tell the whole story. Plus, you have a warranty. Helm Master – A...
  18. journeyman

    Shipping GW 228 in a container

    Measure twice - cut once! Sorry, couldn't help myself. It's an old adage from woodworking. Aside from getting obvious accurate measurements, will the shipping company allow you to do it? Fire hazard, load shift would be a major concern for the carrier, I would think. They may not be insured...
  19. journeyman

    Wax/Polish in Cold Temp

    Maybe longer!!!!!!!!! Was able to snap this pic from last night's weather. Red area indicates 24 to 36 inches possible for next Sunday into Monday.
  20. journeyman

    Wax/Polish in Cold Temp

    Good question. I just picked a random, popular wax and found this on their Technical Data Sheet: • Avoid applying in direct sunlight, or extreme temperatures (over 80 degrees F or less than 55 degrees F). Surface temperatures should feel lukewarm-room temperature to the touch. Do not apply if...