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  1. Ozz043

    99’ 250hp OX66 died but started again ?

    Hi all During the last couple of fishing trips my stbd engine would “stall” once or twice a trip and at different speeds, without warning. It has happened after I have stopped for a fish for 20 minutes so the engine is still warmish and now I’m moving off to another spot .... it stalls before I...
  2. Ozz043

    Lowrance Auto Pilot with twin outboards

    GDay and happy new year Grady people ! I have a Marlin with a couple of OX66 engines purring like kittens still, for electronics I have Lowrance Gen 3 HDS 7’s with an old Sitex autopilot that has gone bung. I was wanting to install a Lowrance Autopilot but the Lowrance product guide says single...
  3. Ozz043

    Rain Water

    I have rain water getting in from somewhere but I cannot find the source unfortunately. I am convinced it is the cockpit floor as it has the largest surface area, maybe the Sikaflex has been affected by sun ? I have even plugged the scuppers and filled he cockpit with 20mm of water....waited...
  4. Ozz043

    Sealing Deck Hatches

    Hi All Just wondering what you guys use to reseal your deck hatches after your yearly tank inspections? I’m wondering if a strip of rubber might be a better idea than Sikaflex
  5. Ozz043

    Hydraulic steering

    Howdy Is this an electric pump for the SeaStar hydraulic steering? I can’t seem to find it referenced anywhere.... It is in poor condition and I want to replace it, or have a unit ready when it does die.
  6. Ozz043

    Marlin Prop size

    GDay I’ve been absent from the forum for some time now but have a query for those with a Marlin. I have a 1999 with 250hp OX66’s and 19m stainless Yamaha props. She cruises nicely @27kn 3800rpm but can’t get WOT and she boggs down a bit in a trailing sea. I am considering changing to 17” props...
  7. Ozz043

    Spare Parts required

    G-Day I have a 1999 Marlin I was wondering if there are covers available for the drink holders, to stop water draining into bilge Also The cover for the transom fresh water shower needs replacing as this allows water to enter bilge as well Any assistance would be awesome
  8. Ozz043

    Lowrance hds touch gen2 or gen3

    G-day All I want to buy a Lowrance hds 7 touch gen2 or gen3 and install a through hull transducer in my Marlin. Have you got a hds touch and if so what do you think of it? Do you have a transom mount or a through hull transducer ? Ozz
  9. Ozz043

    Marlin Through Hull Transducer

    G-Day All I'm thinking of buying a side imaging fish finder and would prefer to install transducer in the lower through hull location, does anyone know the length of the flat spot ? Has anyone got access to measure ? Mine is in marina so it makes things a little difficult. The body of the...
  10. Ozz043

    Windows staining the Gelcoat ..

    Hello All I have noticed black streaks coming from under the windows on my Marlin. I assume it's the rubber seals but internals are dry, also I don't really want to disturb them. Any ideas anyone ?
  11. Ozz043

    1999 Yamaha 250 OX66

    G-Day All I've got a Marlin running with 1999 Yamaha OX66 When I flush the engines ( through flush point, engines not running ) one engine shoots a jet from the telltale, the other doesn't Is this of any concern ? Thanks in advance....
  12. Ozz043

    Power steering question

    G-Day All I have a 1999 Marlin and lock to lock is a ridiculous number of turns...I haven't counted, maybe 10-12 ? Is this normal ? I've tried purging any air out but there doesn't seem to be any ? Your thoughts would be appreciated, thanks
  13. Ozz043

    Fridge facts

    Hello All I'm wondering if you guys leave the fridge on all the time, or just turn it when in use...I'm wondering what's better for the fridge...any comments would be appreciated.
  14. Ozz043

    Winch issues ....

    Hello All I have winch issues and wanted some opinions before installing a new one...I have a 1999 Marlin with the original Horizon 500. I run a size 13 grapnel, 15m of 6 mm chain and 14mm nylon rope. I bottom fish 7m to 30m and the winch breaker is always tripping, then it's difficult to...
  15. Ozz043

    Grady Down Under

    Hi All Id like to share my grady with you all She's living in South Australia and she loves it ! Aussie
  16. Ozz043

    Water in bilge

    Hi there. I've got an annoying problem with water in the forward bilge, 1999 Marlin. With the boat in Marina I drain out the water manually, sponge in bone dry ... Over the following day or two it comes in to the same height every time, no more, no less ? This height is at the tip of the head...
  17. Ozz043

    Panel Access

    Hello All Happy new year to everyone! I recently bought a Marlin and I want to replace the old stereo and am wondering if anyone can guide me to the easiest way of accessing the panel before I start unscrewing unnecessarily. I believe the best access is from the helm side of the bulkhead...
  18. Ozz043

    New Owner !

    Hello All I am now a proud owner of a 1999Marlin 300, it took a while but I finally got one. I live in South Australia and believe me she turns heads around here ! I'm still getting to know her at the moment, but am very happy so far ! :dance
  19. Ozz043

    What is this ?

    Sorry but I can't seem to post looks like a blue bag through the hull on a Marlin 300? :hmm Cheers
  20. Ozz043

    Marlin 300 fuel economy

    G-Day all I am looking to purchase a Marlin as soon as the admiral allows...hmm..and was wondering about the fuel economy of the Marlin 300 F250's. I'm in Australia so forgive me but when you guys quote mpg/mph you're not talking nautical miles are you? I've worked out through various forum...