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    Looking for an X26...

    Just posted a WTB in the for sale section. Anybody know of anything for sale in Maryland. I'd be Interested in a trade for the Sailfish. Looking for latest model with 200's. Thanks guys!!
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    WTB X26 Tigercat

    Willing to trade the Sailfish for the right boat.
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    Yam aux charge lead for my house battery

    After running the house down I need to do something. The Yam cable kit is expensive and I'd like to make my own lead. What gauge cable should be used? Looks like about a 6' run. Looks like the red aux lead is about 8 or 10 gauge. And that's it right? It already has it's own fuse. Any...
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    Winter battery charging on the trailer

    I run an extension and use a 30A twist lock to 110 male adapter. Usually charge weekly for 24hrs. Problem is my main breaker pops most of the time when I plug in the extension. Do I have a defective breaker?
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    Painting OX66 lower units

    Been putting this off for several seasons. I just searched and was surprised there isn't more activity on this subject. Please advise best brand of primer and top coat. Also a good procedure, prep, etc. I'm reading that the zinc primer should be tacky when applying the top coat. Wives-tale...
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    Pompanette chair glides

    The nylon chair glides for fore and aft movement are cracked and have fallen out. Can anyone please advise a source for these. Thanks!
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    '99 272 Sailfish Cockpit Base Molding

    Searched and didn't get anything, which really surprises me. All the older Sailfish seem to have problems with this. Mine is pretty bad. The inside radius between the live well base and the rear seat base not attached anymore and I need to replace all the molding. Does anyone know a source...
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    '99 272 Sailfish Gunnels

    Gents, Mounting Poly-Planar MA9020 speakers under my gunnels. The speakers get so-so reviews but I like the flanged housing that mounts flush. Mounting directly under my gunnels and don't want to drill too deep. Does anyone know the thickness of the gunnels on a Sailfish??
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    Leaking toilet bowl

    Toilet bowl appears to be leaking where it bolts to the flange. Noticed some pink antifreeze on the floor when commissioning. Is this as simple as getting the model number and calling Jamestown? Is this a pretty easy repair?
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    Battery Tenders

    I've had chargers fry batteries so this winter I tried to remember to hook the extension up from my garage to the boats AC connection. I tried to remember to do this every week or so. The boat has 3-batteries and the Grady standard issue charger from 1999. Next winter I was considering...
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    Step Treads

    My steps take a beating. The edges have a clear trim molding. Does anyone know a source?
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    4-Blade Props on Sailfish with OX66's

    Don't really care about the hyped quicker hole shot the 4-blades give; or worried about loosing a few MPH on the top end. Looking for better fuel economy at the same cruising speed. Is this possible with 225 OX66's on a sailfish? Thinking about doing the research but before I invest the time...
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    Honda EU2000

    WiseSales has these for $950. Saw it in THT newsletter. I paid $1200 for mine 2-years ago. I probably got waxed...
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    Sealing cabin door on Sailfish

    Gents, Installed AC on the boat last summer. Any suggestions on how to block the vents in the cabin doors. Someone suggested a piece of canvas with snaps. Since the door is bifold, I don't think it will open all the way.
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    New A/C on a '99 Sailfish

    Had a sweet deal on one of those carry-on AC units. The owner let me use it for a weekend to see if I liked it. Wife picked up her end to help put it on the hatch and quickly said NFW so it's on to a hard installation. Read lots of posts on this and working on plan and parts list. For you...
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    Hatch Screen

    The forward hatch screen is really ratty with most of the velcro pulled away. Seen the same setup for sale at West Marine. Looks like the same thing will happen sooner than later. Is there a better set up available? My Regal had a framed screen that simply clipped in place.
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    '98 Sailfish Something running after shutdown

    I've only had the boat for 8-months and most of them have been on a trailer. No she's in the water and I hear something running for about 3-4 seconds after the motors are shut down. It is not the fuel pumps on the motor and sounds like it's amidships. Any ideas??
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    272 Sailfish Motor Well Scuppers

    Was going to launch the boat this weekend. Been bit by bad scuppers before but looking at the inboard motor well side they looked fine and didn't think I would have a problem. Still, I decided to pull the white ring and flap off the outboard side. Sure enough the outer flange of the brass...
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    Rain water in 272 fish boxes

    Driving me nuts. Boat's still on trailer, launching next week. Been getting water in fish boxes and can't figure out how. Raised and lowered front trailer jack, no difference in runoff. Have the stock cockpit cover and yea, it runs down the back of the cover and onto the hatches, but the way...
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    DC Fridge on Sailfish

    Can't seem to find a circuit breaker. The only way to turn the thing on and off is the cheesy combo thermostat/switch inside the fridge. Afraid of breaking it off. What are you guys doing?