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    25' Trophy pro - help replace livewell drain?

    I can tell you how I did it.... not sure it's the propoer way but it worked and not as difficult as it sounds. I cut out the old drain with a 6" hole saw. Put a tab of fiberglass over the drain hole to center the pilot bit. Once it was cut I lifted out the drain. I then feathered down the edges...
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    87' 240 Offshore

    A few years back I was given an 84 TrophyPro 254 that had fallen off it's trailer 25 years ago. The hull was perfect with less than 1000 hours on it but top. row rail and windhsields were wrecked. I was able to find a an exact match model wise, but the hull was trash with rot and cracks but...
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    Cabin Rod Holders

    I found one and have it boxed and ready to go. Send me a msg here with you name and address and I pop in in the mail tomorrow. I'll trust you for the postage, can't think it would be 10 bucks
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    Cabin Rod Holders

    I have several originals if you'd like one. No cost just pay postage, I need a day or 3 to hunt them down but sure I have 3 or 4
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    Topping Up Bennett Trim Tab Oil

    Look right behind the silver cylinder and you will see a black plastic/rubber plug that can just barely be reached. Remove it and that is the fill port. I use a syringe to add fluid. It's not east but don't separate the top from the bottom.
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    Captains chairs off a 1987 tournament 192

    Shoot me a PM with a Phone #. I'm interested and 30 miles away
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    WYTB: Hardtop for Trophy Pro

    I have a set of doors off an 84. They are in good shape just need a clean up and refinish. Your's for shipping costs
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    Steering question

    What brand is your I/O. I'd check the lines from the pump to the ram as a first thing. Selock makes some good manuals for older units good luck
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    25 Sailfish Build Thread

    Looking good. I'm just finishing up an 84 Trophy pro that looked bad but was good boat. Need some minor glass work and new fuel tank and engines. A good few days with rubbing compound brought the hull back to a real nice shine and some sanding has the woodwork like new. I'm moving down to the...
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    Gimbal Seat Attachment?

    I have one on my helm seat. I usually fish alone and it makes it easier if you need to run down a fast fish
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    1989 Sailfish anyone know how to remove fresh water tank??

    Re: 1989 Sailfish anyone know how to remove fresh water tank They sure weren't made to easily replace. You may want to consider installing a new one forward in a space that you can easily get to. You'll lose a bit of storage but it will be so much easier snaking a new hose through than cutting...
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    GW 330 Shopping

    Thanks for the imput. I have sinned :( ...while looking at a 330 I noticed a nice looking 2004 35' Cabo, crawled around it and asked for a ride. WOW 1100 horses can fly. Got back to dock and crawled some more and decided to make a low offer. A phone call and it looks like it's mine. Part of an...
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    GW 330 Shopping

    Joe Thanks for your reply and all the info. I had noticed the difference in performance with the 250s, 300s and 350s and it isn't that great. I am looking at a couple of 2006s with twin 250s over the next couple of weeks and will just see how they look and act. Two years ago I got an...
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    GW 330 Shopping

    I'm looking at moving up to a bigger boat and think the GW 330 fits what I'm looking for. There are a lot of them out there for sale. My budget doesn't allow for a new one but I'm looking in the 150k range. There are three basic groups out there, sorta new last 2 or 3 years, 2005 -2007 with...
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    Purchased my first grady white f26 tigercat in love!!!!

    Congrats on your new boat! A fair price is a price you are content with. One man's 10 bucks is another 10 cents. I've never spent much time wondering about a better price if what I bought is what I wanted and the price was OK with me.
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    268 Islander Hard top replacement

    Have you checked ? They offer quite a selection and are very easy to work with at reasonable prices
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    Aluminum Corrosion

    Jamestown Distributors sells an aluminum cleaning paste made by 3M that I think works great. The first time you use it you will probably do best with a 5-6" buffing wheel. If you keep up with it, I use a cloth a lot like the old shoe shine fella and just buff it up to a quick shine. Slow but...
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    Need Help: Replacing a Hinge on Tournament 22.5 Cuddy Cabin

    Re: Need Help: Replacing a Hinge on Tournament 22.5 Cuddy C Looks like a fun project ....not really. The screws have thread lock on them to make sure they don't vibrate out. To get them out you need to find a screwdriver that fits the heads perfectly and a good pair of vice grips to grasp the...
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    Starboard teak door in 1989 190 Tournament

    I'm one of those "nut jobs" that likes the look of teak and am willing to spend the time it requires to maintain it. I have no idea at all what the door you want to repair/replace looks like but I do have quite a supply of teak and teak parts I've acquired over the years and if there is...
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    2000 Marlin - Need Livewell

    Thank you, that picture worked great. Sorry but the one I have is a rectangle measuring 12" x 24 3/4" by 11 3/4" deep. It doesn't have the rounded front as pictured. Just thought I give it a try. Happy hunting. I'm re doing an older GW and was able to find a boat just 2 numbers after mine serial...