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  1. wrxhoon

    Trailing Sea

    Following sea trim up as much as possible without the props getting air, never put tabs down on following sea, if you lean tell your deckie to move to other side. I have a Seafarer 228 ( my second) but they are all similar , they all have variable deadrise, very sharp at the front so they cut...
  2. wrxhoon

    Maiden Voyage. Finally

  3. wrxhoon

    Maiden Voyage. Finally

    Sean, Good to hear you finally got her in the drink. It is quite easy to lift the guards up so the tyres don't hit them as long as the boat sits high enough so the boat doesn't hit the guards. If not high enough you can lift the bunks a little. I like my boat to sit as low as possible for...
  4. wrxhoon

    Seafarer Battery and Seacock Questions

    Livewells on early models (like yours) are lighter than late models, the lip on yours is very thin, I assume you got the lid off then take all the screws located on the top of the lip. The tank will lift slightly but the inlet and outlet hoses will stop it from coming all the way . I find it...
  5. wrxhoon

    228 seafarer seaswirl proline

    For my liking where I use my boat and the loads I put in it , I prefer the 250 over a 4 cylinder 200. Both my boats had 250 hp when I bought them. My old boat I re-powered immediately after I got her here ( that was the plan) She had the old bracket with the F/G step , they didn't change to...
  6. wrxhoon

    228 seafarer seaswirl proline

    The boats you mentioned are not in the same class as GW, Boston whalers are close competitor to GW. I'm on my second 228 because I can't find another boat that suits me better, the only downside, expensive. The front square looking window you are talking about changed in 1998 same with the side...
  7. wrxhoon

    25ft journey or 26 express

    Well that depends on what kind of ton we are talking about ,in US of A a ton should be 2000 lb but a metric ton as used in most of the world is 1000 kg, about 2204 lb. My seafarer 228 g weighs about 3100 kg ( 6800 lb) on an aluminum trailer . I very much doubt a Journey would only be 5500 lb...
  8. wrxhoon

    Rain x on windshield.

    I use it on my boat, I re-apply every now and then , works great. I never use my wipers .
  9. wrxhoon

    New Guy from Oregon

    I have a 228 and I take it offshore in the pacific up to 40 miles from Sydney heads, of course I choose my days. I find she handles the sea fine, heading out can be rough depending on the weather. I like the seafarer as it is legal width here for towing an easy to tow long distances up and down...
  10. wrxhoon

    Towing and Clears

    I remove them as soon as I get to the boat ramp, much easier to drive on the trailer too.
  11. wrxhoon

    Two Questions

    They are an add on and removable so he wouldn't care about it for rego purposes. The max width of the load can't be more than 2.5mtrs , if it is you need a wide load permit . I have them on my trailer , I leave them on when I go to the closest boat ramp but I take them off when traveling any...
  12. wrxhoon

    Two Questions

    Sean, in Au the guides will put you over the max width (2.5 mtrs) , then you need wide load . You should be able to access the levers to open and shut the seacocks under the jump seats . If you need to service the valves you have to take the livewell tank off.
  13. wrxhoon

    What the heck are you catching?

    Well you asked for "photos whatever the heck you have been catching " so I put some up there are a hell of a lot more where these came from. We don't kill marlin, we tag and release to fight another day, this 500 lb blue died after 3.5 hour fight on 50 lb line. I have a fishing boat and I use...
  14. wrxhoon

    Fuel Before Winter Layup

    That's what I use alcohol for as well, never in my fuel tank in the boat or car for that matter. I think you guys should use your boats more often don't put E10 in your tanks and you won't have any problems . Don't forget we have aluminum tanks in our Grady's and the stuff is very corrosive.
  15. wrxhoon

    Interesting issue

    Loose connection somewhere , I would check the battery terminals and anywhere else where the cables connect for corrosion.
  16. wrxhoon


    I put a picture up but was removed here you go again. . I swapped the plastic ones with S/S on both boats even thou they were still like new on my current boat. The rub rail is the same as the one on your boat not the later model S/S. It is the genuine item. I'm open to reasonable offers if you...
  17. wrxhoon


    I don't know why you would bother with the plastic rod holders, replace them with S/S , much better . That's what I did , I was lucky to sell my plastic ones . Like KY said engage a shipping agent, have the items send there they will pack them all in one box , price is reasonable and very quick...
  18. wrxhoon

    The Grady Has Landed

    Congrats and welcome to the club. When I got my first Grady they were very rare here , now we have a dealer here in Sydney and every time I go out I see several .