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    Manufacture of Captains Seat?

    the slide mechanism is separate from the seat. that looks like the wise ladder back seat i have purchased on my gradies to replace the molded style poly seats. here is a link to the complete set up. you could contact wise directly to get the part info for the slide...
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    1995 Adventure 208 Speed

    5500rpm at 28mph on a 19" prop makes no sense. that is 43% slip. you should be running over 45mph with 10% or less slip. is the hull bottom clean and smooth? can you borrow or test another prop? partially spun prop is my first guess
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    1995 Adventure 208 Speed

    bring the boat to the hospital parking lot and you can do all that stuff while you are waiting. also, good luck and congrats!
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    1995 Adventure 208 Speed

    is your reported speed verified by gps. pay zero attention to a speedometer on a boat. get gps speed before you do anything. there arefree phone apps that can do this if need be. how much bottom paint? a lot of bottom paint or an uneven keel line caused by uneven paint can create a...
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    Will your Grady float if capsized or swamped?

    with a handheld you may not know you got the coast guard but there is a high chance they will eventually hear a patiently repeated broadcast or at least be aware someone out of range is broadcasting on 16.
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    Will your Grady float if capsized or swamped?

    given how large the open void bilge is between the main stringers in my 223 i think it sinks. i do like the foam in the gunwales though. i think mine will settle level and sink slow enough to give you some time to get out. 4lb foam adds buoyancy of around 50 lbs/cubic foot. for a 5000lb...
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    rubber hatch tie downs?

    grady didn't use any rubber latches on my 1995 223 so i am looking for ideas. they rear hatches close only from their own weight and the anchor hatch has an interior ball and socket thing that does not hold in a swell. over the years they are chipped and damaged on the edges from bouncing. i...
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    rubber hatch tie downs?

    has anyone found an aftermarket hatch tie down style that looks good on the older grady hatches (anchor locker and behind the helm chairs)? i was thinking about a rubber toggle or bungie system but curious what folks have seen or tried.
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    Need to replace transom hatches on Gulfstream

    i think i have the same hatches on my 223 with the yellowed surround and lexan door. you can order custom fabricated hatches to fit. in theory you could get a plastic hatch company to make a replacement surround only out of starboard and then reuse the hatch and hardware, but i think you need...
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    Advice for 1997 Grady White Adventure 208 SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Upgrade

    given you are switching to hydraulic, you can solve the issue quickly by cutting off the old steering cable which trashes the old cable (which intact is worth about $50 used). if you cut it, best to loosen it first to freely move in the motor tube if you can while still connected to steering...
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    Questions for those of you who have rebuilt your transoms...

    it looks good. the only question i have is are you going to glass the side walls of the splashwell back in?
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    Cockpit drain covers

    correction, my wife tells me it was a tea strainer and also that i still owe her a tea strainer .
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    Cockpit drain covers

    for storage, i had a small stainless mesh sink strainer in one drain when the boat was outside on the trailer and i was getting that issue. you can form the mesh into the hole enough to stick in place by friction while the boat is sitting but you need to pull it out before you tow or went underway.
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    Swim Platform for 209 Escape

    i don't like swim platforms either. i had an aluminum boarding ladder that fit in the bilge on my 190, but a heavy guest broke it. i recently bought some of these transom step handles from five oceans. have not installed yet so can't say if they will work but they seem to be made of solid...
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    Coolant level dropping , leak around cylinder head/gasket

    a photo of the leak would help. the head gasket is between the head and block quite a bit lower down the side of the engine than the valve cover seam on top of the head where you describe a leak. the valve cover would not normally leak coolant but quite often seeps oil unrelated to coolant...
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    Transom Mount Transducer on a Marlin

    yeah i am still in favour of screwing a starboard board and then mounting. drill a pilot hole, fill the hole with 4200 and also coat the screw. pretty unlikely it will leak. that ebay listing is using 3m vhb tape which is ordinary double sided foam tape you can buy inexpensively at hardware...
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    Transom Mount Transducer on a Marlin

    make sure the two transducers don't have conflicting frequencies or neither will work at the same time. you can toggle the frequencies in setup to juggle this. you can buy a piece of starboard and screw it on the transom and attach multiple transducers to the starboard. this allows you to...
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    4 bank battery charger recommendations

    interesting discussion. i'd vote 3 or 4 bank depending on house consumption. i am conservative on this. the motors need one starter battery each. the two starters should be totally isolated from each other on two different banks. the house should be a third bank capable of being charged...
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    Jack Plate on a Grady

    i spoke to a guy with one mounted on a 1980s 19 tournament. he used it to go to an xl leg with a 20" transom. offset was 5 or 6" and he was very happy with oerformance and really liked having the leg out of the water when tilted up
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    Shipping GW 228 in a container

    assuming that's a 102" trailer,, i'd need to know the gap between the inner tire wall and fender to answer your question. it would some combination of skinnier tires and rims, rims with more offset, modifying or removing the fender, and, as a last resort, shortening the axle or installing...