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    rubber hatch tie downs?

    has anyone found an aftermarket hatch tie down style that looks good on the older grady hatches (anchor locker and behind the helm chairs)? i was thinking about a rubber toggle or bungie system but curious what folks have seen or tried.
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    options to replacing side bolsters on a 223 tournament.

    has anyone deleted the side bolster cushions and found a nice way to cover up the mounting holes on the inside combing? i can obviously fill them and repaint or gelcoat, but that is a big area to paint and match so i am wondering if a strip of hdpe or something else might look good? i am just...
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    mutton dressed up as lamb? updated decals

    looking at replacing the stripes and logo on the 223. it is a 1994. has anyone tried the newer logo and stripes on a boat from this era? leaning towards replacing with the original style but wondering if newer looks good or bad.
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    aluminum transom trim

    does anyone have a good source for the aluminum angle trim cap material for transoms? ideally stainless steel i guess. i'd like to renew the trim cap on my tournament 190 since the galvanic effect of the dissimilar metal in the stainless mounting screws has rotted out the mount holes. this...
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    anchor locker fittings

    hey folks, looking for help identifying the fittings or replacement fittings to hold down the anchor in the locker for my 1995 223 tournament. i have searched every term of anchor fitting i can think of and cannot find these bungee things, and i'd also rather upgrade them if i can to use a...
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    scuppers and thru-hull faq

    i would like to suggest a sticky faq listing off information about thru-hull part alternatives. what I am suggesting is that post dimensions for particular boat models and years and aftermarket part #s that work all in one thread as a point of reference (and maybe good deals they have...
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    what size fishfinder/plotter screen do folks like?

    interested in what size display screen people have found works for them. in particular, is a 7" screen enough to do both plotter and finder jobs? would a couple of 5" screens dedicated to one or the other job make more sense? i've been shopping for months for a combo plotter/finder for my...
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    retrofitting seatbacks

    i notice newer gradys have "stand alone" seat backs fitted behind the helm chairs to make those sitting on the fish box lockers more comfortable. i've seen fullsize models (photo below from another thread) and previously small ones. has anyone seen or figured out a bracket to retrofit them to...
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    flush mount electronics solutions for a 223?

    what have people done that works? i am trying to figure out how to redo the electronics locker/box just above the helm on my 223 right now i have a stereo and vhf flush mounted inside the locker in a custom box set back into the locker about 6" that takes up 2/3 of the locker. to access the...
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    combing bolster foam question

    i have read here enough to believe i can diy this. i just got a sample verifying the nassimi seaquest chalk is an exact match. leaning towards dryfast foam. question is how thick? any suggestions on what/where to order?
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    calculate the crouch factor for your grady

    i came across this interesting calculator that tries to quantify the effect of hull shape on performance for a given horspower. supposedly very accurate with whalers. it would be interesting to see how consistent it is with gradys, especially on different cv hulls. if members could please...
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    do i need an anti-syphon valve

    i just realized today i have one. i am replacing the fuel line and resealing the hatch so i need to decide. tournament 223. tank is in rear.
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    is my painted fuel tank original on a 94?

    just noticed that my main fuel tank is painted grey. is that original for a 1994 223 tournament? i thought i read somewhere that grady left their tanks unpainted. the tank on my 190 was bare aluminum. this one has a florida marine decal but no date or specs on the decal. also, should i...
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    how far off are these motor results

    preliminary seatest on a new to me 1995 223 tournament with a 1994 evinrude 200 ocean pro. i know i have work to do on the motor and that is in process, but interested on what people think the motor should be turning. maximum speed is 34 mph gps tested and rpm is 4900. i am ventilating a...
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    replacing some fittings on a 1995 tournament 223

    finally have time to deal with the project 223 i bought last november before life got in the way and my plans to change boats were delayed. with the help of simply green and barkeeper's friend i got the thing clean and i have been able to order a lot of things it needs using this forum and hull...
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    adding molding around the locker hatches

    i have some cracks and crazing around the very edge of the locker hatches on my 223 from being slammed shut over the years. rather than fix the gelcoat i was thinking of adding a molding that would also help prevent further cracks. has anyone done that with success? i would be interested to...
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    replacement console door ocker surrounds

    has anyone found an inexpensive source for the plastic surrounds (bezels?) for the plastic console doors /hatches in a 90s era tournament 223? mine are well dinged on the aft side from something banging against them. they still work and the doors are good, so i do not want to break the bank...
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    22' seavee2 hull prop pitch

    It seems from a search that the default prop pitch on the grady 22 hulls (seafarer / tournament / fisherman) is a 17" pitch unless you have a 250. This seems to apply to notched transoms and bracket boats, and the reported performance looks pretty similar between hull models and 200/225 motors...
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    winterizing fresh water lines - tournament 223

    hi folks looking for some help on how to properly drain/winterize the fresh water lines on my 94 tournament 223. the boat just arrived here in canada this week and it needs to be dealt with asap. first problem, there is a live well pump switch on the dash but if i turn it on nothing...
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    tournament 223 hp rating (and weight)

    should i pay attention to the 230hp rating on the 93-98 tournament 223 models or can they take a 250 hp? since i am in the market i have been looking at the old grady catalogs. as i understand it the tournament 22 and seafarer ride on the same hull so should be able to handle the same hp...