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    Marlin w/w fluid tank

    Anyone know where the w/w fluid goes in my 99 Marlin? (I presume that it is not hooked up to the fresh water system and has its own tank) thx
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    Marlin with Single Tank

    Anyone put a single tank in a Marlin? Boatyard I work for put a 220 gal tank in a older 24 Offshore. I would love to remove my dual 150gal tanks and put a larger single in. Considerations: fit Resale value (dont care) Hose routing balance ...with 4-strks on her transom, she's alot better on...
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    Source for Marlin Fuel tanks

    Does anyone have any recent experience buying and installing tanks on a older Marlin (1999). I may attempt it this off-season. I tried searching and got alot of results but not a direct hit. Sources for tanks? Thanks
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    Marlin Tank Really Full?

    I am confused with my new(er) Suzuki tank gauges. I thought I had about 70gal in my main tank and was filling up yesterday. At 10 gal pumped, it kept burping back at me like it was full. What gives? Could it really be full? PS - I would prefer not to pull the sender and do a manual/visual if...
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    Locking gas Caps

    I think I would like to secure my fuel system with locking gas caps. I am now at a marina with some less than credible people. Any ideas which ones will fit a 99 marlin?
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    Pressurized Water and hot water System

    Never used either system too much, but am in a marina this year. Hot water works. Pressurized water (feeding the hot and cold system) hit a point today where it wouldnt stop pumping. Assume its out of water or has a decent leak somewhere (same thing essentially). Any thoughts before I crawl...
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    Refridge Down

    I haven't started troubleshooting it yet, but my 99 Marlin fridge seems to be down. I didn't use it last year (on mooring) questions: 1) is this a dc powered unit only (I only have dc breaker for it). 2) any troubleshooting/removal advice?...other than checking for power to the unit 3) if...
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    Marlin Fuel Tanks

    Stupid question....first full year with the boat starting soon. Which is the aux tank and which is the main and what are their capacities? I mean which is forward and which is aft (including the fuel fills). Thanks 1999 Marlin
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    Marlin Fish Box Hatch support

    Mine has succumbed to complete saltwater corrosions. Anybody know of OEM or aftermarket replacements (I am cheap!)
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    How to Clean Hydraulic Steering Fluid from Fiberglass

    Of course while taking out the steering RAM I am replacing, I spilled fluid all over the engine well. Any advice for cleaning? My local mechanic says a strong commercial cleaner...simple green type....will do the job, but then again, his boat is a mess!
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    Hatch Fix

    I have a chipped live well hatch cover. I've read a lot about patching/re-building hatch covers chips here in the head is spinning. Poly-fair, 3M epoxy with filler, fiberglass filler and resin, and many other recommendations. I have a history of screwing up Marine Tex and other...
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    Wax/Polish in Cold Temp

    Whats the min. temp. to start polishing/waxing my hull? (the older I get, the more hyper I get about next year and getting things done....time to roll!)
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    Rain or Leak on Marlin

    Wild storm at the mooring here in SE Ma. last night. 5-6 ft chop and rollers with downpour rain. Noticed several gallons (?) of water pumped out of the fwd bilge when I got out there today (fwd bilge float not working, operated the manual sw). Wondering if I have a thru-hull leak or the rain...
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    1999 Marlin with New Zukes

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    Head water source

    Stupid question- but where does my electric head gets its it raw (salt) or from the water tank? It stopped working yesterday.
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    Marlin Anchor and Windlass

    First time using my new (to me) Marlin anchor and windlass. The CQR would not catch the first 4 tries. I would like to replace it. Anyone have another type that fits on the pulpit (fortress, danforth?). Also, the windlass clutch there and adjustment on it, I am sure it is the...
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    Anyone have experience with the ACR RCL-100. Mine doesn't work. I hear the servo rotating the light, but no illumination. I ordered a couple new halogen bulbs (big bucks), but not sure that's the issue. Can I stick a VOM in the sockets to see if there's juice? If not, there's some relatively...
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    Mooring Bridal Pendant for Marlin

    Hi - 99Marlin is new to me and I am setting up my own mooring. The pendant (or is it bridle?) for both bow cleats rubs on the closest under- edge of the pulpit. It will definitely wear in storm conditions. Chaffing gear will need to reach almost to the eye splice since this area on the bridle...
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    Poor Mans AC

    Looking for a cabin fan to run off my house power (dc) for the night. I think there is some low power ones that are supposed to move some good air. Anybody have suggestions?
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    Fuel Delivery

    Hi - new engines installed, and I asked them to take out primer pumps and put in squeeze bulbs. After sea trial by the boatyard, noticed one bulb collapsed and changing tanks to that engine/bulb did not relieve. Thinking there's some sort of blockage somewhere...any thoughts? Anti siphon...