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    Bow Pulpit Upgrade

    Thanks Kacey, welcome!

    Bow Pulpit Upgrade

    Thought I would give an update after first time anchoring at sea while reef fishing. First retrieval in over 100' the anchor came up and righted itself and came over the roller perfectly. My son-in-law turned and smiled as if, why didn't we do this fix years ago! Finally, the solution to...

    Auto pilots

    I troll all the time with mine which is usually from 4mph to 8mph and have no issues. I have kept it in idle speed before, but depending on wind it needs to be able to follow the wind or it will constantly be trying to overcome the windage or drag of the hull in the current. I imagine that is...

    Auto pilots

    Hi, I had just responded to your other post and forgot to answer your full question. I have my Autopilot running from my HDS Live 12 units. I have 2 of these head units and run my Halo24 radar, Autopilot and SiriusXM from the WM-3 for the satellite weather. Will upgrade to the new WM-4 coming...

    Lowrance Auto Pilot with twin outboards

    I just ran 30 miles offshore first time this weekend and seas became very rough 4-6' and the autopilot never missed a beat. I use it all the time and love it. Saves a lot of manual work and an get lots done with it. Not sure how I ever survived without one! It has worked flawlessly. I do wish...

    Windline Overplatform Telescoping 3 Step Ladder for sale

    Thanks for letting me know John. My original ladder which I still have is most likely the same as what you have as well. It measures 13-5/8" also. I still have this original ladder also if you are interested. I had epoxied the holes on my swim platform and just had to do a slight gel coat over...

    Windline Overplatform Telescoping 3 Step Ladder for sale

    Sure, just let me know if it can work for you.

    Windline Overplatform Telescoping 3 Step Ladder for sale

    Hi John, dimensions are: A=10" B=1-1/2" C=14"

    Windline Overplatform Telescoping 3 Step Ladder for sale

    Hi John, yes still for sale. Let me do some measurements tomorrow and I will get back to you.

    Replacing GW Switches

    I was able to find these most recently. Almost exact replacement of my originals but with green led. Not sure if they have the dual function switches though.

    Putting the brakes on!

    I wonder how they would do with the mulcher kit?

    Update on engines....back to the drawing board lol

    I run mine in a tank also, but make sure you get one tall enough to go over the plate as if it was submerged. My HPDI's don't want to pee unless they are very well submerged. I have to block my tank up so that the lower unit is touching the bottom of the tank to get mine submerged deep enough...

    Look What I Found on Craigslist

    I used to live in Lexingon, KY. I don't recall having any Palm Trees there! :p

    Marine Speaker Covers

    Tell me the story on those walkway lights? Are they the transom lights I have found online searching? Do they glare in your eyes? I was looking for a replacement from my originals, but need a larger light, like a 3" so it will completely cover the holes. They look really good!

    LED Mast Anchor Light Replacment

    I have the same Attwood as above and very happy with it. Much brighter and more visible!

    Gulfstream deck panel repair

    Steve, just as reference, this was my approach for my Swim Platform and I did the same for my Large floor panel.

    A Hull Lot Better

    Haha, yeah, hours of polishing will reveal muscles you haven't used in years, but after a while you adjust. Best to find a comfortable position when polishing to keep the stress down and it will make it a lot easier. There is a technique! The worst part for me is getting the cabin polished...

    A Hull Lot Better

    Thanks Lee! It does look great! I am still going at it on mine! Love the Vibracut! I think I have at least 30 hours so far, but getting closer! For the Rub Rails, best cleaning agent I have found is Interlux 333. It removes a bit more than the Acetone or Denatured Alcohol from my experience...

    Anyone know this part number?

    Russ, is this a circuit breaker by chance? It looks like one. I just had to replace several of mine also. It looks very close to what I just replaced. My post is here: