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    265 Fuel line replacement

    I have a 2004 265- love the boat, hate the engines (F225s)! I'm going to replace the fuel lines this spring and would like to order the hose, but I'm not at the boat to do the measurements. I'm thinking of going from the tanks to the switching valves. I already replaced the lines from the...
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    Replacing control cables- 265 Express

    I'm going to replace both sets of my control cables on my 2004 265 Express. The port engine won't shift out of forward gear but with the end of the cable disconnected at the engine end, I can moved the engine linkage and shift gears, so it's a cable issue, likely at the binnacle. The cables...
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    Folding Transom Catch - 265 Express

    The 265 has the folding transom and two catches on the sides. The catches are adjustable but no matter how I adjust them, they're either too tight to fold or too loose and it falls down while underway. I've tried tightening them and lubrication the catch but NG. I'm thinking of adding a...
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    265 windshield wiper replacement

    FYI - after searching for a suitable replacement wiper (just the rubber wiper, not the whole blade assembly), I found the Bosch Microedge 18" blade fits perfectly. They only sell the whole frame and wiper so you have to remove the wiper from the frame, which is easy. The wiper snaps into the...
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    2004 and earlier F225 thermostat housing

    If you have an F225 engine pre-2005, be aware that the tstat (copper) will corrode the block (aluminum) where the tstat sits. When it corrodes through, salt water is sprayed into the air intake and will trash the engine. How do I know? - my stbd engine now has a new powerhead. My port engine...
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    Great deal on Grady helm seat

    Defender is selling Pompanette seats with the Grady logo for $350! Note the extra shipping charge. Maybe someone on the forum is in the market... ... id=3019271
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    F225 Corrosion

    My 2004 F225s had bad dry exhaust stack corrosion- the Yam repair shop said worst they have seen. 390 hours. The port engine also had water in 2 cylinders that froze open the valves and lots of salt corrosion, so I needed a new powerhead. Lots of water in the oil. I'm trying to figure out...
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    F225 Trim Cylinder/Ram Dimensions

    One of my trim rams is leaking an I'll be replacing the seal in the spring since the boat is high and dry. I plan to make a tool to make it easier to remove the cap, similar to the Yamaha tool but with a handle, sort of like the one on ebay. It's a good winter project for the upcoming snowy...
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    Trim switch kills engine

    Strange problem developed this weekend. 2004 265 Express with T F225 Yamahas. No problem trimming the engines with the trim switch in the handle, but if I trimmed the starboard engine with the individual switch on the binnacle, the RPMs dropped instantly and would have killed the engine. Let...
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    Poppet valve replacement

    I have twin 2004 F225 Yamahas with about 300 hrs and am thinking of replacing the valves. I have read the procedure on the SIM Yamaha site and it doesn't seem to be too difficult but I was wondering if anyone has done it and have any comments or tips?
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    Moderator- can't post pictures

    I tried to add a picture that was only 256K and it basically said there was no room for pictures. Reduced the size to 60K and got the same message. Looks like we can't post pictures?
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    Groco pump -simple macerator retrofit- 265 Express

    Mine crapped out in my '04 265. I considered getting a Groco replacement but $500 for a lousy design was not appealing to me, so I looked for alternatives. After inspecting the arrangement, the first thing I determined was that better access was required- the existing 5 x11 hatch was...
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    Pompanette armrest discoloration

    I have a 2004 265 Express with the center helm Pompanette chair. Great chair but the armrests are discoloring- black streaks, blobs. I have read on this site about issues with these arm rests in this year. I talked with Grady and at one time they would replace them for free but they have run...
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    Yam Fuel Mgmt gauge with Raymarine C120W

    Tried to connect the NMEA output from my C120W to the Yamaha FM gauge instead of using the speedo input. 265 Express 2004 vintage, F225s. Here's what I did: 1. cut the cable from the speedo to the FMG and opened it to get the white wire free 2. checked the + NMEA output from C120 and it...
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    Props- 265 Express F225

    Finally got my 2004 F225s straightened out and the boat runs great. I observed it will run above 6000 RPM- hitting 6200 is no problem. Also noticed that fuel economy and top end is nothing like the Yamaha performance sheet shows for the boat. Checked my props and they are 17 pitch, while the...
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    F225 not revving up

    I finally got my new to me 2004 265 Express in the water for the first time since I bought it last fall. Great boat! While the engines (twin F225 with 160 hours) ran great with the starboard engine hitting 6000 RPM, port engine maxed out around 4600 RPM. I also noticed the port engine needs...
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    Best prices on Navionics?

    I need a Navionics Platinum Plus CF card for a new Raymarine C120W I purchased. Has anyone found a supplier with good pricing on these?
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    Gauge panel screw replacement

    I have a 265 Express and needed to get access to the fuse block to add a power lead for the electric head. As recommended on this site, I removed the gauge panel and the fuse block was then readily accesible. However, the SS machine screws that hold the panel down are screwed into an aluminum...
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    Jabsco electric head conversion

    I just purchased a 2004 265 Express with T F225 Yamahas. Can't wait until winter is done! I plan to convert the manual head to electric using the Jabsco conversion kit. Seems simple enough but I was wondering if others have done this, where did they wire the positive feed wire? It's a 25 amp...