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  1. Uncle Joe

    Cover vs shrink wrap

    I just got tired of the wind shredding my tarp cover every year. A 24 offshore with a hard top is a pain to buy a tarp for and get it to stay on all winter in the boat yard. Worth it to me to pay $300 and forget about it until spring.
  2. Uncle Joe

    Radar Question

    Thanks All! It seems uninamou....err....everybody agrees!
  3. Uncle Joe

    Radar Question

    That is the dome I am looking at....Garmin 18HD. It seems you are happy with it.
  4. Uncle Joe

    Radar Question

    Hello all....I run a 1982 24 Offshore. The boat is not as beautiful as she once was but I have spent a lot of time and $$ making sure she is safe and seaworthy. It is powered by a 2006 Evinrude 225 E Tec. Motor purrs like a kitten and I treat it carefully. 2 or 3 times a season, if the weather...
  5. Uncle Joe

    Where to buy Hard Top Rocket Launcher 300 Marlin ?

    I got mine for my '82 offshore from GW Performance Welding in NJ. Not expensive and great customer service.
  6. Uncle Joe

    Grady White 228 Pilot House

  7. Uncle Joe

    Finally got it home

    Beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Uncle Joe

    Grady heading out of Haulover During tropical storm

    The Grady captain knew what he was doing. Not a problem for him at all.
  9. Uncle Joe

    offshore 24 fuel tank

    I have replaced them on 2 different Offshores. Cost for the main tank is about $1,100.00 on the south shore of LI. They have to be fabricated. Not too difficult to install. Try Alloy Metalworks in Farmingdale. Make a sketch of the tank and they will give you a quote.
  10. Uncle Joe

    Wicked Tuna

    I grew up in Broad Channel NY....went to school with TJ Ott's dad for 12 years. He is a self made man...made his money in his own auto body business right after high school. He also taught himself to fish for giants. Some of the drama is created and they don't need the $$ from selling tuna to...
  11. Uncle Joe

    Best boat you never owned?

    It was a 13 ft Boston Whaler with a 18 HP Evinrude that was for sale in our neighborhood when I was probably 13 years old. I looked at that thing every day for a whole summer drooling. Then one day my dad and I walked by it and he said "You know , I wanted to buy that for you, but I couldn't...
  12. Uncle Joe

    Rocket Launchers

    Just FYI....I want to give a shout out to GW Performance Welding in NJ. I spoke to Glenn last Tuesday and ordered a 4 pole set of rocket launchers that would fit the hard top of my 1982 Offshore. It arrived on Monday and the quality is exceptional and the price was very reasonable. He is very...
  13. Uncle Joe


    Uncle Joe Joe 1982 24 Offshore 2008 225 E Tec
  14. Uncle Joe

    Grady White Help

    You should also be prepared to re-power within a short period of time with a 21 year old outboard.
  15. Uncle Joe

    Fast Asleep in Her Quarters

    I envy both of you guys.....wish I could access my baby and give her some TLC over the winter. Unfortunately it will be April before I can do anything.
  16. Uncle Joe

    Just wanted to say hello.

    I have had a great bow season....missed out on the late striper run but i took a nice big doe in late October and then in November this nice buck came in to my stand. can't be everywhere!
  17. Uncle Joe

    Eisenglass storage

    I have limited space for storage so I laid mine flat in the cabin with beach towels under and between each piece. I was very concerned about the heat from the shrink wrapper if I left them up.
  18. Uncle Joe

    It's always something

    Well.............just to add insult to injury...I called EZ Loader with my VIN number and ordered the whole hub replacement kit. Not just the bearings. I knew I would pay a premium for it from them but figured get original equipment parts and do it right. WRONG..........previous owner replaced...
  19. Uncle Joe

    It's always something

    On the bright side I will add" how to change a trailer hub" to my ever expanding set of skills.