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    Circuit Breaker Replacements?

    Hi folks, was just replacing some of the Euro design Green LED switches I finally found a source for, and in doing so, and guess it is cold enough pulling on the wires, a couple of my ETA 1658 breakers broke off at the threads. Any idea of good source for these? I did find them online, but...


    One of the Winter projects....just getting started....Not bad for a 1991 Grady! :)

    Bow Pulpit Upgrade

    Hey folks, we have been talking about our pulpits and anchor retrieval issues over time in many posts. I think I am ready to make an upgrade to my fitup. As we know/have learned, the original pulpit anchor roller is very narrow and was suited perfectly for the Danforth type anchors. However...

    Windline Overplatform Telescoping 3 Step Ladder for sale

    WINDLINE OVERPLATFORM TELESCOPING 3 STEP Ladder for sale. Product Code: TDL-3X Dimensions and reference website for product details: This is a used ladder in excellent condition. Only 4 years old. Asking $80 includes...

    VHF Radio Output

    Hey folks, I am very curious here and hoping somone on this site is an expert in VHF radio output..... I have 2 ICOM VHF radios. I have the upgraded Shakespeare 8900 model antenna's that have the silver solder that is supposed to be better at performance, so feel I have a pretty good system...

    Replacement cam latches

    Anyone know where a source is for replacement cam latches that will fit on the cabin cabinet doors? One of mine just broke last weekend.

    252G with Full Swim Platform

    Guys, curios if your full swim platform is fully caulked all around, including across the top of the bracked in the motor well? When I got mine, it was sealed and I have continued to reseal when working on the platform, etc. However, I wonder if it should not be caulked and allow the water to...

    Cabin Rod Holders

    Anyone ever broken off the original style plastic rod holder hooks that are under the walkway in the cabin? I just broke one off last week in rough seas due to my TLD50 Bend Butt rod being too heavy I guess. Thinking of making an alternate out of Starboard this winter as a project, but would...

    Lost Trim Plane this week

    Anyone ever lost their trim plane before? Seems one of mine has come free and sheared the pin from the hydraulic ram. I called Bennett and they gave me the part number to replace the same one that was made apparently for Grady which has the upfins. They are 18X9 size. Bennett will not help...


    I don't get it on how these cases happen on most of these ramps. When I lived in Florida, the ramps were very slick and I do recall some cars/trucks being pulled out of the water. However, some of these are heavy duty trucks and they are going in deep and the ramps don't look to be that steep...

    Rod Holder Inserts

    Anyone ever replace their gunnel flush mounted rod holder inserts? Mine are pretty worn out. I found some replacements available from CE Smith, but not sure what size these are. Just throwing this out there if anyone has already figured out a source and size. .....

    Lewmar 700FF Windlass Frozen?

    Ok folks, this is a new one for me. Is it possible that the windlass can freeze up due to the cold weather? I was working on the anchor connections last week and had no issues lowering/raising and testing the retrieval. Temps were cold, but above freezing as far as I recall. Now, I go out...

    Telescoping boarding ladders on new Grady's

    Anyone know the source/manuf. of the new telescoping boarding ladders? What I like about them is the dual rung steps that allows more support for your feet. I can't find these online anywhere so far, so not sure they are Grady exclusive or not....

    Bow Light mounted under pulpit?

    Hi folks, thinking about mounting a spreader type light under the pulpit for purposes mostly to show the anchor rope and anchor when retrieving in the dark. This light would cause no glare from the helm, but aid someone up front to see what is going on, etc. Might be able to see the rope from...

    Broken Windshield

    Hi folks, trying to to right by moving boat inland today from Hurricane Matthew harms, I took a rock in the windshield and shattered my front port side glass! Now I need to find the options for repair. Has anyone gone through this before? What were your options? I have contacted my...

    Props for Z200's

    I know a lot of discussions on props, but want some real world experience here on a couple of thoughts I have. Thinking that I might benefit by moving to 19 pitch from my current 17 pitch. How much, that is the question and hope to find someone with same hull design that has the 19's to see...

    Tackle Center in Cabin

    Finally, I was able to get some time to put effort into a trial and error project and see if I could make a tackle center in the cabin in place of the stove that hangs on the wall. Using PVC board, it came out pretty good I think. Might later think of a door for it, but will see how the bungees...

    Anchor Swivel issues

    Ok, so first year using the new Windlass and Lewmar Delta anchor. Moved from 13# to 22# model since my 13# just did not want to self lauch, so figured I needed more weight. However, the 22# will not self launch either. It does go out better, but still have to pull out a foot or so and drive...

    2 pumps from the one sea cock inlet?

    Ok, somewhere, I had found a post a while back where someone showed pics where they had 2 pumps connected to a tee to their sea cock valve. I recall asking about it and seem to recall that they said they had no issues running both pumps from this one inlet. I have not been able to find this...

    Aft facing Seat Cushions - How to secure?

    Anyone out there have any ideas? I normally don't put my rear facing seat cushions out since I would forget they are there and risk blowing them out of the boat and not notice. There is no way to snap or strap them down. Or at least the one's I have do not have any evidence of every being...