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    Does anyone have a suggestion on we’re I can get the under gunnel rope lighting and replacement LED lights for the cabin on the Express Boats
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    Mooring Whips For Sale

    I have a pair of mooring poles with mounts and all rigging for sale. Bought new and used 3 months wile pier was built. Good for up to 38’ Boat but can use on anything under. Located Ocean City, MD
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    Now Thruster prop for 305 Ext

    Does anyone know if there are any kind upgraded prop for the factory bow thruster. Looking for a little less noise and a little more push
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    130 Class Reels

    Anyone have 2- 130 class reels their looking to sell?
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    Trim motors 350 Yamahas

    Need to replace trim motors, dealer is offering after market parts at at least 1/3 less than Yamaha parts. Has anyone used the after market part? And should I stay with original OEM Yamaha parts
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    Trim motors for Yamaha 350’s

    Need to replace the trim motors on my 350’s Dealer say’s we can use after market parts instead of Yamaha original equipment and save at least a third of the cost. They are not pushing just giving me the option. Has anyone used the after market parts, or would I be better off staying with OEM...
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    Lightweight tower on a 305 express

    Does anyone know why Grady does not recommend evan a very light tower ( under 200lbs ) on thier hardtops. Can’t imagine that would be a problem
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    Add steering and throttle controls to a tower

    I’m adding a small spotting tower to my boat this winter and just wondering if anyone has done this. The boat had twin 350’s so they are drive by wire and would the steering tie into the hydraulic’s that already exist. I plan on having it done by a professional but curious if anyone has done this
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    Satellite Phone

    I have a an Iridium Extreme Model 9575 Satellite Phone with all accessories for sale. This is a top of the line Satellite phone that will work anywhere on earth. I have all original paper work and a Pelican 1200 waterproof case that comes with it. All that’s needed is a SIM card in your name and...
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    Garmin Fish Mapping by Sirius

    Just wondering if anyone has the new Garmin electronics with the serius fish mapping service, and if so how well does it work
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    Generator Ffuel Tank Gauge

    I have a 2012 305 Express with a Panda generator . The fuel gauge is located next to the electrical panel inside the cabin of the boat. The gauge no longer works and I know it’s bad because it has proper voltage going to it. I have asked the dealer several times and they come up with nothing...
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    350 Yamaha outboards

    Looking for opinions from anyone who owns or has owned the 350 hp Yamahas from 2011 and forward, other than the flywheel problem that Yamaha takes care of for the life of the motor. Are they good reliable motors
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    Hardtop tower mountin

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to safely mount a tower to the hardtop by just bolting the tower directly to the hardtop with backing plates, or should it be tied into the tubular frame of the boat. This boat is used exclusively for offshore fishing and some days it’s very rough. I’m also...
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    Fishing ocean city md

    Anyone found any Mahi or Yellowfins out of Ocean City Md lately
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    Upgrade electronics

    Getting ready to upgrade my 2011 305 Express. Currently have all Raymarine and Simrad Pilot ( keeping) does anyone have thoughts on GARMIN VS RAYMARINE. Spend most time offshore. Looking for opinions Thanks
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    New Electronics

    I’m going to upgrade all the electronics on my 2011 305 Express. I now have Raymarine except for a simrad auto pilot. Considering changing to all Garmin except the auto pilot. Anyone have experience with the new Raymarine or Garmin. Most are suggesting Garmin but before I make this kind of...
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    Prop Question

    My 2011 305 Express has twin 350 yamaha’s. The best WOT is 4900rpm. The props are the Yamaha stainless 19-15.5 could this be the wrong props on this Boat
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    Tower for 305 express

    Does anyone know a place near OC MD we’re I can get a tower for my 305 Express