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  1. J

    2018 Freedom 215 Modifications

    What TM shaft length did you go with? Is it holding pretty well? Want to add one to my 225
  2. J

    Eisinglass enclosure restoration

    I just did all my curtains on a new to me 2005 tournament. First put them in my shop and turned up the heat so they would relax some, had been folded up in the head for who knows how long. Then gave them a rinse with mild soapy water. Next used Mequiares Plastic Cleaner & Polish on both side and...
  3. J

    Moisture in Deck (not access hatches)

    Update... so my actual surveyor, not his brother, met me out at the boat yesterday and we went over the hull. Turns out when the mechanic installed the new batteries he forgot to reconnect the bilge pump and it rained the day before the initial moisture test hence the high readings around the...
  4. J

    Yamaha Gauges Refurbished

    Just came across this, doesn't look hard at all.
  5. J

    Moisture in Deck (not access hatches)

    Thank you guys for your responses. I am not very pleased with this "surveyor". He came highly recommended by a buddy of mine, contacted him and sounded professional. Last minute told me he could not make it the time we were supposed to meet at the boat and that he would get by there asap...
  6. J

    Moisture in Deck (not access hatches)

    What I mean is there appears to be moisture in the core of the deck in some places, according to the moisture meter ,but dry in others. Not sure if its major cause for alarm or something that can be lived with in a 15 year old boat. I for sure plan to bring it up in negotiations
  7. J

    Moisture in Deck (not access hatches)

    Hey guys, looking at an '05 225 Tournament and just got some pictures from my surveyor and there are apparently some wet spots in the deck but they are not in the fuel access deck or bilge access. I have been reading up on Grady's for the past year and know that the access decks are common...