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    Headliner Cracks

    In what timeframe did they do the repairs? That is, how old was the hull when you reported the cracks. I can't imagined that after 19 years as one owner has noted, there would be any warranty still in effect
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    Noco charger

    I guess that without knowing the exact model of charger and the intended installation details, I can't say with certainty if the charger is suitable for the application. I will comment though that ABYC regs don't permit soldered connections as far as I am aware.
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    Boat would be well suited for star gazing.
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    97 Yamaha SWII 150 low compression one cylinder

    The two lower cylinders on the SX motor has lower compression by design. I would expect a little lower reading in a perfect world on 2 cylinders. That said, a reading of 120 psi for all but one cylinder and 110 for the other is excellent for a motor that is almost 24 years old. To be honest...
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    Noco charger

    Actually I was recommending a hard wired GFIC outlet in a utility box. More importantly though, I wasn't thinking about the charger in the bilge but in my foggy mind assumed it was higher up, in a cabinet or such and close to the AC panel. If the install is in a lower bilge, the charger and...
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    Noco charger

    I think I understand what you are asking about. I assume your old charger was hard wired to power ( your AC panel) Electrically the female receptacle idea will work but I would suggest that if possible and you have the room, that you install a utility box with a a ground fault protected outlet...
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    Marlin Bilge float switch

    You probably couldn't use the old wire to pull a new one since I am pretty sure the original group of wires is bundled together with tape or ties. Follow you motor control cables and they will lead you to the opening in the rigging tube which may be a 3 inch or so pipe. Try snaking that. If not...
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    Wires thru hardtop structure 268 Islander

    Doesn't your hard top have an electronics box? If so, it should be pre-wired for power. I guess it doesn't since I would expect you to have already looked at that option.
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    Snap in Console cover for 208 Adventure

    One thing about cutouts. A hard top is not an issue but if you have a Bimini, there probably are fittings for both the four forward and aft mounting straps. The helm cover will then need an indentation sewn around the tie down fittings forward. For the aft tie downs, I added a second set...
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    I am not sure what you said about rating but I don't think that hull is rated for 225 HP. I don't think my 208 is and it's a 2001 model. I never recommend that a boat be overpowered.
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    2000 265 Express with water leaking in on inside of cabin walls

    Leaks in Express cabins have been reported on this forum and in several cases, the water got in through the seam under the rub rail. I think but am not certain that the water got in only when at sea under power so if you have active leakage let's say at the dock when it's raining or hosing down...
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    208 NFB steering

    OK, my mechanical steering on my 208 has been iffy for a few years:) It has leaked oil for a long time (years) but not recently since it probably didn't have any lubricant left. It started to bind and make clunking sounds when turned to the limits. So, I finally replaced it last week. I am...
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    Thru Hulls

    The Gem Lux were bronze?
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    Questions/concerns about possibly purchasing a 228 Seafarer...

    If I looked at a boat that was listed as having 280 hours but turned out to have 600, I would walk away. If I saw that the motor had 19 overheat alarms, I would be concerned but whether or not that is kind of normal or not depends on where the boat was operated. If in shallow sandy conditions...
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    Thru Hulls

    I don't think the water line ones are stainless/bronze. I think they are chrome/bronze I think they are Perko similar to Here is an example of Marelon fittings...
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    (1995 Adventure) looking for seat slider parts

    It's definitely not a Pompanette. The closest one I found is a Todd Jupiter model. The base is not included.
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    (1995 Adventure) looking for seat slider parts

    Do your bases have the manufacturer's name on them. Mine don't.
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    Thru Hulls

    I assume you are not talking about scupper drains ( maybe you are). For the hull thrus, bronze for below water line and either stainless or Marelon plastic for above the water line. The Marelon would be white. No stainless below the water line.
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    (1995 Adventure) looking for seat slider parts

    You probably can't find them. I looked for a long time as have others. I machined two out of HDPE but it was a lot of work and wasn't perfect. Your best bet is to buy new seat slider bases. There are lots of choices out there. Be advised that on my 208, two of the volts that hold the slider...
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    UGH........New Control Cables

    On myotherboat, the cable ends at the helm were not threaded like the motor end, so connecting the new to old was not an option. In that case, the cables had to be pulled towards the motors since the other ends were also fatter and had the bushings pre-attached. Haven a 'pusher' person and a...