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    Seakeeper on a 36

    Haven't personally been on a boat with it. But have a few aquantices that I trust and they say it really does do what all those videos on the net show it does. They say it makes a VERY noticeable difference with it on or off. The only thing they "complain" about is the 30 minutes it takes to...
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    Slipping my GW in these freezing temps

    I agree - all of the above stuff would still be valid, regardless of whether the boat is on the lift or not. In fact, these items become MORE valid when on a lift since the boat doesn't have the warming effect of the water migrating up through the hull. Obviously it's not a huge effect, but...
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    Slipping my GW in these freezing temps

    Where are you located and what type of "freezing temps" do you expect and for how long? Gotta have more info for better help. What have others, in your area, successfully done over the years? But generally, yes, on outboard with minimal accessories it's pretty easy. Run the tank dry then...
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    Fischer Panda Maintenance - Important item

    Any chance the crud could have been microbes? It's certainly not unheard of for bacteria and algae to build up in diesel tanks - especially if there was any moisture in it. Could come from condensation build-up or even from a fill-up. On the chance that it was, you might consider running a...
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    Storing side curtains

    Will you be making any posts that DON'T advertise for those bags you make? ;) This particular thread is nearly 6 years old.
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    2002 Yamaha f225txr not shifting out of gear

    To add on to what Seasick said... you can do various combinations of disconnecting the throttle and shift cables at the engines, moving things by hand and moving the throttle/shift lever with and without the cables connected at the engine. You should be able to pretty easily narrow down where...
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    Bennett "auto" trim tabs

    I never put the ATC on any of my boats... I refuse to admit I need a computer to do something as simple as tab control for me! But I know enough friends/aquantinces that have it (and love it) - and have used it for a LONG enough time to say that it seems just as reliable as the actual hydraulic...
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    27'3 Chase

    Welcome aboard, Ozzie! An easy way to figure this out is to look at the specs for your boat in the owner's manual, or on Grady's website. That will be a "dry weight"... the weight w/o engines (sometimes it lists those separately), options or any fluids. Take the dry weight and do some easy...
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    Seafarer bracketed w/Bimini vs no bracket and hardtop

    Oh, OK. It wasn't clear what you meant from the wording in the post. In that case, yes, of course it will slowly erode the gelcoat... beaches, after all, are "sand"paper. Can be fixed, though - not horribly costly.
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    Seafarer bracketed w/Bimini vs no bracket and hardtop

    No reason you can't do it - but realize that you will wear the paint away faster. I try to stop where the bow is still just barely floating. What "scuffing of the gelcoat/wax" are you worried about? The gelcoat is already "not" pretty since it is painted.
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    Installing freshwater tank in a 1996 Adventure 208

    5200 is EXTREME overkill for this application and you'd just be wasting money. First of all, in reality, no sealant would be needed. Those are pipe fittings and the threads are soft - meaning, it would seal itself as it goes. Nothing is under any real pressure, either. But, ANY sealant that...
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    USB outlet

    Very easy and straight forward install. There is no "best one". But they are easy enough to find as they are very common. A company like Blue Sea is an excellent company, though. Google will be your friend if you want to buy online - otherwise, any marine store can get this for you. Or...
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    The center windshield must have a curve to it? That would explain why a regular glass maker can't do it. Have you looked along the edge/corners of the existing windshield glass? Often the manufacturer puts their name there. If not, call your dealer or Grady directly. I think I recall...
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    Seafarer bracketed w/Bimini vs no bracket and hardtop

    Hard to say (variables, above). Yet another variable is the activity level in the water at that particular spot and even current. Could be once a season - could be once a month. The only way to get a real handle on it is to ask some locals.
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    Seafarer bracketed w/Bimini vs no bracket and hardtop

    Depends on where you slip it, the type of water, how often you use it, how often you would pull it to clean the bottom... Lot's of variables.
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    Seafarer bracketed w/Bimini vs no bracket and hardtop

    Playing the averages, sure, a boat kept out of the water "should" fare better over the years than one that is kept in the water. BUT, that absolutely does NOT mean that a wet slipped boat (and there are many, MANY of these throughout the States... and of course the world) will be bad. There...
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    1990 Grady White Trophy Pro 259G

    "Aft" motor? What kinda boat 'ya got there?!? What is "value"? Unless this is a sporadic issue... The problem is NOT: -- Fuel/water sep -- The fuel line from the fuel selector switch to the fuel/water sep -- The tank vent -- Fuel quality The problem could be: -- Fuel pickup tube is cracked...
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    Fuel Removal

    I didn't leave it out, I... was TESTING you. Yeah, that's the ticket - I was testing you.
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    Fuel Removal

    Containers to hold gas... a big, plastic garbage can works well. A CLEAN one, of course! Filters... why not just use your existing, boat-mounted spin-on filter? Just google for electric fuel pump. Gianni, I understand what you're saying about the fuel fill. I was asking for the picture to...
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    Seafarer bracketed w/Bimini vs no bracket and hardtop

    Which suits YOUR needs better?