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  1. Seafarer_Bob

    NJ fishing reports

    Thanks for the report and good way to end it on some Sea Bass. I'm keeping my boat in OCMD this season but I'll be running my brother's new 28' Regulator out of the Atlantic Highlands this summer. I'll let you know next time we make a run at it and let's hope it turns on again like last year.
  2. Seafarer_Bob

    Oregon inlet 6/2/21

    A better photo and next I'll be posting about gelcoat repair... I was solo again and it was a struggle to get it over the rail all lit up.
  3. Seafarer_Bob

    Oregon inlet 6/2/21

    I ran out of Oregon Inlet today, 10 minutes down the beach the Talica 16 with a Stretch 25 chirped a little drag and quickly netted a 34" Cobia, not a bad start. 10 minutes later the same rod goes off but this time it was a screamer. I'm thinking I must have snagged a ray or a shark but...
  4. Seafarer_Bob

    Hateras 6/1/21

    I'm in OBX on Vaca so ran solo about 25 miles out of Hateras yesterday. To say that inlet is tricky would be a major understatement but followed other boats and made my way. Boated a couple Dolphin and missed a few, and shagged a hundred lbs of weed out on the 100f line. On my way in I...
  5. Seafarer_Bob

    Then I cut a big hole in the deck

    I also bought the 16" x 24" DPI hatch and just getting ready to break out the saw... unfortunately I pulled my deck panel and my lateral supports are much closer together than PNY's. I could probably squeeze it in between using a router but it would then the water tank would start to interfere...
  6. Seafarer_Bob

    Freshwater outlet install

    Not perko but I added a second FW outlet under the SW on my Seafarer. I still plan to use the Cockpit shower most of the time and move the hose from the SW to the FW when I want to do a bigger FW washdown. My first trip out I discovered I messed up the SW connection so just kept the hose...
  7. Seafarer_Bob

    Kicker motors

    I put a pull start manual tilt F6 on my Whaler about 20 years ago so I have some experience with manual and last spring I put a F9.9 with electric start and electric trim on my 228, it's like night and day, love it. Plus, all the bouncing around eventually destroyed the bracket assembly that...
  8. Seafarer_Bob

    The Official KY Smoky Keys Thread

    I was down in KCB a few weeks ago. If you're not familiar the west entrance where I marked is a good bait spot. Put out a block of chum and you can get pinfish on bait and pilchards on sabinki day or night. The other spot I marked is the channel on the south side just east of vaca cut is...
  9. Seafarer_Bob

    Kicker motors

    I bought a set of the large washers and bolts used to mount engines and that transom is much thicker than expected. 2.5" if i recall. One word of advice is don't drill into the transom dead on horizontally. If you do the washers won't and the bolts won't sit right because the transom...
  10. Seafarer_Bob

    Kicker motors

    That's what I would recommend. The Jacobsen bracket is made of 1/2" aluminum so very solid construction and the way its mounted I could probably lift the entire boat from it if I attached it to a crane, seriously. Also the powder coat is the same color as my hull, the Adventure bracket is...
  11. Seafarer_Bob

    Kicker motors

    It's been a year but as I recall if I positioned the bottom of the Adventure bracket on top of that piston then the upper bolts would come through that horizontal cross beam making it wonky to through bolt and I didn't want to use lag bolts on the upper. When I spoke with Adventure Marine...
  12. Seafarer_Bob

    Kicker motors

    I returned it so I really can't say. My issue is I didn't want to cut it to fit around that trim tab piston since it's powder coated (on the exterior) and it's hollow so it'll fill with water and corrode. The other issue with the Adventure Marine bracket is its much longer so the kicker will...
  13. Seafarer_Bob

    Kicker motors

    I exchanged the motor and got the 25" shaft and returned the Adventure Marine bracket and bought the custom one from Jacobsen Marine in Seattle. Rock solid and perfect height on my 228.
  14. Seafarer_Bob

    208 Battery question

    I've also heard this but what's the problem turning it past off and what happens if you do?
  15. Seafarer_Bob


    I'm also in a 228, I go up to 40 miles out in the mid Atlantic and have all of these in my ditch bag. Plus, a waterproof flash light, head lamp, a couple water bottles, chapstick, hat, several white trash bags.
  16. Seafarer_Bob

    LED spreader lights recommendations

    Roberth, Your pulpit is different than mine but I'm interested to see how it turns out. I almost bought a Mantus this winter but I often anchor in big rocks so I'm afraid it would be more prone to getting stuck (and costly if it does). I get good holding with my Danforth and never lost one...
  17. Seafarer_Bob

    LED spreader lights recommendations

    So far the light is holding up great. My only complaint with installing under the pulpit is my Danforth anchor flukes block some of the light and causes some glare but If I'm doing any more than I quick run I take the anchor off the pulpit and that solves the issue. If my pulpit...
  18. Seafarer_Bob

    Battery 1, 2 or Both?

    I did a lot of reading on this and here's one thing I know. The Blue Sea ACR is installed between the voltage regulator and the battery so it combines both batteries when it detects a positive charge coming from the alternator and disconnects them when there's no charge detected. The Yamaha...
  19. Seafarer_Bob

    Livewell drain fitting

    My inlet is also at the bottom of the well, bad design.
  20. Seafarer_Bob

    Spring projects...

    Thanks that makes sense. I'm planning to turn that area into a big fish cooler/ storage area so trying to figure out what i could need access to in there, besides the water tank.