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    Bringing a Grady back to life... comments? suggestions?

    I have been moving along very slowly... but have not stopped ! Unfortunately between the weather and a bad hip I've been dealing with for a few years it has just been slower than I would like. Here is what I have done... purchased the boat (duh) removed the old Seadrive (junked it for scrap)...
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    Complete Restoration on a badly damaged 2009 232 Gulfstream

    I wish I had the means to make my older Grady that nice. Very nice!
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    Some running shots of my 1988 190 Tournament

    I'm with you... want to get out on the water! No ice here... just not ready
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    Wiring question 2004 222 grady

    hey Skippy... good luck with your project! I am in the midst of my project boat (1984 24' Caribbean) and pulled all my wiring. When I am done the peace of mind will be worth the effort. Ok, so that said... is it your intention to pull everything and replace it all? If so I can post some...
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    original grady parts(some hard to find)

    GWgirl...where are you located?
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    Suzanne's Salary 2

    My wife and I are foster parents for our local animal shelter. We took a 2 week old shepherd that was the only survivor of a litter. This puppy was tube fed and bottle fed from birth and survived with no problems. We had never had a Shepherd... very smart! My daughter trained this pup to do...
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    New to me 85' 24' Offshore (Project)

    OMG! I am doing a restore of my '84 GW Caribbean (24') and am THOROUGHLY impressed with your work! I would say that my restore is a "soft" restore while yours is a "hard" restore. I am envious of your facilities... I am a "shade-tree" restorer... all outside when the weather is on my side...
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    1984 Caribbean 242.... Yamaha 225?

    I need to find an engine for my Caribbean project. Junking the seadrive and adding a bracket (BTW, seadrive for sale :D ). Have my eye on a Yamaha 250 (1991) but also just saw a Yamaha 225 (ox66, 2000). Would the 225 be fine? Im not looking for a speed demon but at the same time don't want...
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    My budget Grady build

    Matt... thanks for your response to the "Ficht" question. I took a little cruise around the internet to find that the 1999 Ficht was a bad year. I low-balled that engine but didnt get a response. Then... found the same engine for much less. The engine will def need an EMM (poster indicated...
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    My budget Grady build

    WOW! I am impressed! You are going to town and making some good progress. I don't think I could trick my wife into getting into my car for an adventure like that. I'm curious about the engine you purchased.... a FICHT? I also need an engine for my Grady project and there is one the next...
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    1998 Seafarer 226 nav lights

    Im looking at lights also... Can't the bulbs simply be replaced with LED bulbs? I purchased some LED bulbs for these deck lights. I tested them... seem to work fine. And they are much brighter than the old incandescent bulb. Hmmm... thing I didnt consider is getting "sealed" LEDs. The...
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    Electrical Upgrades

    I get it... I just thought certain things were powered from the ignition switch. I’m happy not having anything powered from the switch. Going to be close to 60 tomorrow... spring hopefully is just around the corner!!
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    Electrical Upgrades

    Yes, 2 bilge pumps.... and the labels only included 1 bilge pump label! I'll have to probably purchase an extra sheet of labels if I want it to match.... damn nickle and dime expenses Any insight how to wire through the ignition switch? A good idea? just wire in a relay? and if so, what...
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    Electrical Upgrades

    Thanks for the comments. Here is what I will do... and what I have in mind. I have ordered some boots, will put one on that post Don't really want to move the post. I guess I could flip flop the fuse block on the right with the negative buss bar. I'll think about it. As for my switch...
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    Electrical Upgrades

    An update to my electrical board. I completed the actual board. I removed the positive bus bar and replaced it with a positive junction post. From there I fed the fuse box on the left which will feed my 8 switches at the helm. It will also feed the other fuse block on the right which will...