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    glacierbaze replied to the thread New update.
    Hard to oil the rings on a horizontal cylinder. I would bump that cylinder halfway up, and soak all around it with a squirt can, then...
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    Ky Grady replied to the thread 208 vs 226.
    Been cool to of had a 228 to compare also, especially the side by side pic. 208, 226, 228. Could see the difference a closed transom and...
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    seasick replied to the thread 236 Fisherman Boat Lift Spacing.
    Measurements would be to the center line (middle) of the bunks) but the exact placement is not super critical since the hull doesn't...
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    RussGW270 replied to the thread New update.
    Clearly, idle vs full skews the numbers heh. I prefer to do it the way it is supposed to be done, and done by most other people, as it...
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    PenniJ posted the thread batteries in General Discussion.
    I had 2 Dynamic starter batteries installed in my 1997 208 Adventure. First trip out, started up on Batt 1, cruised about 20 minutes...
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    I don't know your age but as you get older, you will loose height. So hang in there and eventually that windshield trim will start to...
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    seasick replied to the thread New update.
    Some may disagree but I believe that compression tests on modern motors should be done with the throttle plate in its normal idle...
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    Sea deuce posted the thread Sailfish 25' in General Discussion.
    Anybody know what length throttle cable to use to replace one with the mercruiser I/o twin engines need cable for Port engine thanks Harry
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    Summertop511 reacted to Sdfish's post in the thread 208 vs 226 with Haha Haha.
    Thanks for sharing these. Now I want a bigger boat!
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    ayacht replied to the thread Battery chargers.
    So if I read what ProMariner said on my 282 Sailfish I could connect a 3 bank charger like in this image. Currently I have this old 2...
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    Pighunter replied to the thread Mounting a kicker on 228.
    Picked up 2004 Yamaha T8 yesterday from a guy in Coast side fishing club. Been sitting in his garage for years. He never installed it on...
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    If you want new, I can do a good deal on a Atlantic Tower hardtop for the boat. let me know,
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    wspitler replied to the thread Main fuel tank problem.
    Didn't see what motors you have, but with YDIS you should be able to see what the alarm is about. Could it have been a water in the...
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    RussGW270 replied to the thread New update.
    Duh... stupid me realized yesterday that I forgot to put the boat in neutral and test with full throttle. As such, the correct numbers...
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    CWV replied to the thread 236 Fisherman Boat Lift Spacing.
    Thank you very much