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Trasea marine passenger seats are specially used for passenger ferry and fast ferry. The frame material of Trasea marine passenger seats are high quality aluminum 6063-T5 which is light weight and corrosion resist.
Good morning I recently found your post regarding re propping you 330 with power techs 15.25x16 4 blades. I am looking the exact numbers you posted. It looks like you have had them for a few years, are you still happy with them.
Evening I was told you sold your 300 marlin with Honda 250s.did you like the performance?
what was your cruise and gph? Looking to repower with same motors,would like your input.
Hi Lee, I am also thinking on raising my scuppers on the rear and the sides. I see you changed your fittings to SS. Did you also raise them? If so what did you do as your boat looks awesome. Mine is an 88 24 off shore. Thanks for any input . Dennis