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Hi, I have a 1994 192 tournament and I am pretty sure it would fit my boat. I believe you said the hardware is stainless steel. Are the tubes stainless as well?
Can you tell me if you bought your helm seat from Grady or another dealer? Thank you!
DZ: I bought it directly from Pompanette. As I understand it, You can only get the seat in Grady's color from a Grady dealer. As I recall, it was at least hundreds of dollars more to buy from Grady dealer. Also, since we have a Pompanette showroom not too far away, I had the option of picking up the chair at the showroom, and not paying shipping costs.

Hope this helps.

DZ Kruiser
Thank you
If your generator is still available, I could use it. from Long Island and would be able to shoot up there for pick-up. I am having some issues and a few parts would help me out. Let me know, thanks...
Was the leak int he Marlin ever looked at by a marina? Was anyone ever able to determine an area the water could be coming from?
I had a boat yard looking with cameras and every other way we could. Took off most of the access plates and tried everythign we could think of but no luck. There is no hull damage. We know it has a slight leak up forward but can't find the source. We tried plugging sea cocks and thru hulls. It is a total mystery so far. The leak is salt water so not the fresh water holding tank or just rain.