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Hi everyone,
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I’m just wrapping up the purchase of 1981 Sailfish and the boat needs restoration but it’s very usable. Hopefully I can find some good resources for sourcing parts or at the very least to learn more about Grady Whites.
Hello Grady owners.
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Always liked Gradys for fishing and fun and finally bought my own. Profile won’t let me post my model as Tournament 190 so I’m listed as a 192.
Very well maintained with a 1999 repower of a Merc EFI 200.
Prop markings are illegible unfortunately so I’ll be doing some thinking as I move into a new stainless motivator.
Spring is here in Minnesota but the ice is too.
Hi everyone. Located your great site and am presently gutting and rebuilding as necessary a 1984 25 Sailfish. Lots of work ahead but I needed a little project.
We own a 2019 Fisherman 216 The bottom is being painted this week and expect to have it ready very soon.