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    208. 2003. Aft box drop in. Switch panel Rubber grommet lower screw panel holes.

    $100 each OUCH! They are just plastic trays... bu I guess they have to fit. Mine came with my 2006 208. Leave them out most of the time to access battery switches, battery levels and check wash down and fluid in the trim tabs. Hardware stores should carry he screw covers, have needed to...
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    Nautical Miles/ 228 Seafarer

    Look forward to these acquisition events. Great story! .Thanks for sharing. How Grady came into our lives and the enjoyment that comes with finishing up all the "for sale" details and now the adventure of bring the baby home. Went from central Vancouver Island to Southern California for my 208...
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    Hanging out at Lake Erie

    Darn... I really wanted to believe that was your res. across from the nicely moored Grady close to home. Yes .......had a dream... is was my res.
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    WOW! They went way up in value!

    "It's one of those his-wife-said-sell-the-boat, so he is trying ;)" maybe if you start out high his wife will believe there is no market so it becomes a keeper. Then his life as he knew it could be in for a rather miserable change. Wife..... boat...? Yikes!
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    Hanging out at Lake Erie

    How cool is that, looking out your living room window and seeing your boat moored steps away. Had a dream....... anyway not complaining, I'm 10 minutes from my launch here, also realize many on the site are hours away from their boat and fishing. So anyone want to talk about their...
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    How to install kicker on 20' 208 Adventure This is the bracket I have on my 208. Get the long leg 25"? T 8 or 9. I have remote trim tilt and controls at the helm. Mine is mounted on the starboard side because I did not want to rearrange the ladder. If mounted...
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    Outboard spacer for transom bang plate repair

    Same as Lt. Mike but used heavy duty stainless steel angle iron and shimmed the OB with the same thickness in starboard with sicaflex. Separating the dissimilar metals. Pics are included under my posts going back a year or two.
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    Auto pilot

    Went with he Furuno Nav pilot 300. It takes fishing and touring to another fun level!
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    Wildfire Destruction

    Shannon, so sorry for what has happened to you and so many others in California. Have been watching the news and find it difficult to comprehend the loss and devastation. Trust you have a safe trip to your other home and find the strength to carry on.
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    Repowering 1990 sailfish with yamaha 200 four strokes

    Yamaha does recommend the Reliance series for the F200i4. Mine is on a 208 and am running the Reliance 15p. I know it is not a Sailfish but thought I would throw in my 2 bits.
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    Bodega head CA

    Bloodweiser, I don't keep rockfish up here on Vancouver Island (limit 1 a day) but have caught and released when fishing for Ling Cod. How do you prepare them for the table? Years ago when we did keep one or two we would dress and skin them and cook them whole as they appeared to difficult to...
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    Replacing Bunks on trailer

    Saw this on another site. Good use of composite decking. Owner mentioned it is very easy to launch and retrieve as there is the slip factor with the composite. Like the idea!
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    Oil Change pump?

    Been using the vacuum pump ever since I go the F 200i4. The plastic lower unit housing has to be removed to get at the drain plug...pain to remove with its clips and screws. So it is slow, but as Dennis has said "it's not like you can't start it going and go and do something else while it's...
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    Replacing Bunks on trailer

    Have you considered laminating compost decking material? I have some on a set of stairs that appears indestructible. Installed edge up with two or three planks bolted together should do the trick for years.. When my Road king aluminum trailer needs new bunks I will got to aluminum I beam bunks...
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    New to Grady White!

    For boat camping in shallow protected anchorages, we anchor of the stern as we find the any breeze lapping water against the hull in the cudy is a noisy affair (light sleeper) and that quiets things down up front for a better snooze!