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    Helm switches new label

    Josh, how much is the set and do you ship to Canada? Thanks trapper
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    Just felt like saying hello....

    Sdfish, I was lucky, got all mine off with a pneumatic impact wrench. although a couple took a little heat and then a good beating to pop them out of the double eye. Your certainly looked they were due for a refit. Appears your brakes have been on vacation for some time. Lucky "break" on the...
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    Just felt like saying hello....

    Re-doing the whole suspension on my Road King trailer. 14 years of salt water dips. Waiting for parts to arrive and I am doing one side at a time. Bought a pneumatic jack on sale, which makes all the ups and downs so much easier in a confined space. Not sure if their is any way to add a coating...
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    Two things.

    Mine Rule pump quite recently with all wires connected and working. Since it is seldom used, I found the shaft from the impeller to the motor and seized....salt water. Not good! as there was a bushing on the shaft that was rusted and and that was enough to seize it up. Got it working with a...
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    Salt Away?

    Doc, yes you may be mad scientist, but so glad your are willing to share your madness with the rest of us patients who do enjoy your sightful explanations. Should have paid more attention to my Science teachers........appears to be too late now!
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    wanted: 20 Adventure Bow Pulpit

    Bought one from Grady a few years ago. My anchor winch is by "Armstrong", so needed a better platform for pulling. Pulpit came with all bolts and railing to adapt pulpit to existing. I purchased a bigger anchor roller to fit the new pulpit. I believe it was not cheap, but then not much about a...
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    Grady 228 total length on a trailer.

    Thanks kY, beauty boat!!!! You certainly have it looking its best. Hard to believe it is a 16 year old boat. Nice Work!!! Thinking it through....I have done so many mods to my 208 I am reluctant to change up. Would no doubt have to reconfigure the boat barn for a fit. I think for now I will...
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    Grady 228 total length on a trailer.

    Hi guys, could one of you give me a measurement of your 228 from trailer hitch to motor prop. (total length on trailer). To those who have had a 208 and and 228, would you share your opinion on the difference, apart from the obvious approx. 2' length. Is the cabin any bigger? Ideal outboard...
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    To 2020!!

    Yes, Happy New year to all on this great Great Grady forum. May the help and camaraderie continue in this New Year as it is had in so many of the past. From the "Great Unfrozen North" wishing you a safe and peaceful year ahead, onboard and away. Cheers, trapper
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    trapper Brian 2006 Adventure 208 2013 F 200xb
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    Kicker motors

    Maybe consider an iTroll for your kicker. The controls are mobile, remote on a harness, and control stations (idle, go. return to speed) can be purchased and installed so the kicker can be controlled in different areas on the boat. I have no stations but can control the kicker with the mobile...
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    Trollmaster Pro

    Have had iTroll on my kicker for a couple of years and works great. Great for slight adjustments in trolling speed and memory of last speed on a catch. Have Furuno AP on the f 200 tied to the kicker, so can set trolling speed and steering. My wife runs the helm and I have the tough job off...
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    208 Adventure Custom steering for more room

    Nicely done! Certainly gives a little room which is needed at the 208 helm. Where did you move the compass? Notice any changes in the 2020 208 from previous years? I am still happily married to my 2006 208 with no divorce in site.
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    Forum Technical Difficulties - Site is Back Up!

    Thanks Jeff, I turned to alcohol, but good to be back in GG rehab, thanks "Fretting Knot any more!"
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    1992 Grady-White Seafarer 228 repower!

    Haliboutit, That baby must go like scalded skunk. No need to polish the hull the speed will take care of that. Its s a beauty !!!