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    Found! 2000+ Adventure 208 with newer power

    Hello, Looking for the following unicorn to ship all the way to Hawaii: 2000+ 208 Adventure with a factory hardtop and newer (2013+) Yamaha or Suzuki engine. And since I’m asking for the world: Newer aluminum bunk trailer.... Realistically I’m looking for any leads on a 208 Adventure with...
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    Adventure 208 - Complete Canvas/Vinyl Reupholster

    Grady Owners, Last April I purchased a 1995 Adventure 208, 1995 Johnson 175, and a 1996 Venture Tandem Axle Roller Trailer all for $10,500. I enjoyed it all summer long and couldn’t ask for a better boat. As I’m getting ready to deploy I figured I’d get some things in line before I head out the...