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272 Sailfish:
Saw your post from a few years back. Did you eventually purchase the boat? How did the twin 200's work out? How about fuel consumption? I have a similar opportunity a few states away from me and wondering how hard I should consider it?
Thanks for any info you can share!
Hi everyone,
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I’m just wrapping up the purchase of 1981 Sailfish and the boat needs restoration but it’s very usable. Hopefully I can find some good resources for sourcing parts or at the very least to learn more about Grady Whites.
Hello Grady owners.
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Always liked Gradys for fishing and fun and finally bought my own. Profile won’t let me post my model as Tournament 190 so I’m listed as a 192.
Very well maintained with a 1999 repower of a Merc EFI 200.
Prop markings are illegible unfortunately so I’ll be doing some thinking as I move into a new stainless motivator.
Spring is here in Minnesota but the ice is too.
Hi everyone. Located your great site and am presently gutting and rebuilding as necessary a 1984 25 Sailfish. Lots of work ahead but I needed a little project.
We own a 2019 Fisherman 216 The bottom is being painted this week and expect to have it ready very soon.
I just purchased a 1998 Seafarer 226. I’ve been cleaning it up getting it ready for 2019 fishing season on Lake Erie out of Cleveland Ohio.
Grady white fuel sender looking to replace old sending units need replacement on Marlin 2001
Are you looking for what to replace it with, or how to replace it? You have a couple of options, and you need to know how deep your tank is.
Hi I have a 2003 gradywhite marlin I’m looking to turn my cooler into a ice chest would anyone know what system I would need for this kind of convention
Hi I have a 2011 360 Grady white Express, can anyone tell me the best place to buy genuine parts? I am doing an upgrade. Window rubbers, cup holders, decals, moldings etc. Cheers Paul
I have a 1993 232 I would sell for $10K
What's the current status of it? Where are you at with it project wise? Full transom or notched?
Sir is your boat still available? Thanks

I pulled my ads off of the hulltruth due to 3 unqualified buyers wasting my time. However I wouldnt be opposed to selling if the right buyer came along.
Hey bud, do you have an email or phone# for OvernightPaul on here? I am trying to get in touch with him about a top. I started a conversation last week but no response, Tahnks
Ky Grady
Ky Grady
I do not. Might send him a PM, it should show on his email. Sorry.
Any chance you still have the factory bimini from when you upgraded to hard top? Looking to buy a OEM bimini (have curtains but my bimini is not original). Many thanks.

I have a 2005 Adventure 208. Looking for canvas for the rear deck area. I have the bimini top with the side curtains. Just got the boat and love it.